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What is Warzone 2 DMZ about

Warzone 2 DMZ is a concept in the video game Call of Duty: Warzone 2 that involves looting and completing objectives rather than trying to be the last person standing. The term “DMZ” stands for demilitarized zone, which is a term borrowed from other games in the genre such as Escape From Tarkov and Rainbow Six Extraction.

In Warzone 2 DMZ, players can complete various challenges and missions either solo or with a squad. One challenging mission involves collecting 26 Blow Torches and delivering them to the Dumpster Dead Drop at Mawizeh Marshlands.

These Blow Torches are not commonly found and have random spawn points, but they often appear in blue warehouses and garages in Al Mazrah. To find them, players can search these structures and loot boxes, caches, and other item containers. I

n addition, Blow Torches can be obtained as drops from defeated AI Bots. Once the 26 Blow Torches have been collected, players can find the Dumpster Dead Drop by heading west of the Mawizeh Marshlands and looking for a gas station in the area. The Dead Drop will be located nearby, and players can complete the mission by depositing the Blow Torches there.

More Things to Know about Warzone 2 DMZ

The reception of Warzone 2 DMZ by the CoD community has been mixed. While some players are enjoying the game, many have encountered problems with it, including the enemy AI on the Al Mazrah map. Several Reddit users have shared their frustrations with these bots, with one thread specifically titled “DMZ AI’s just makes the game borderline unplayable” highlighting the difficulties they have faced while playing.

In a game, the player has noticed that the artificial intelligence (AI) opponents seem to always spawn behind them and kill them with a shotgun from a long distance with perfect accuracy. When playing alone, it is almost impossible to win because there is no one to revive the player when they are killed.

Even if they use a self-revive feature, they are quickly killed again. Many other players have also had similar experiences with the AI opponents. One player mentioned that even with a team of three players with good weapons, the AI opponents are still difficult to defeat.

Another player mentioned that the blue AI opponents often use smoke as a tactic and still manage to hit their targets with perfect accuracy even through the smoke.

It is unclear whether Infinity Ward will address the recent issues with bugs in the game soon. However, it may be beneficial for them to address these concerns promptly, as players seem to be experiencing frustration with the game.

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