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It’s no secret that Cuphead is a challenging game. In my initial game, I had more than a few hair-pulling moments. If you’re hitting a brick wall in your playing, there’s no shame in enlisting the help of the otherworldly. Here’s how to get Game Djimmi to work in Cuphead.

Game Djimmi (hardy har har) is a new feature introduced with Cuphead’s DLC. However, you do not need to have the DLC installed to use it; this is considered basic game content. Talk to Quadratus, the giant face person swimming in a pool on the east side of Inkwell Isle Two, and he’ll tell you how to make your life better.

Activate Game Djimmi in Cuphead
Activate Game Djimmi in Cuphead

Djimmi the Great, AKA Game Djimmi, will arrive to assist you if you spin around in place three times anywhere on the world map. You’ll earn 3 extra health points after activating Game Djimmi till you successfully win a combat.

Djimmi, like any good genie, has some ground rules for his assistance:

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The additional health only lasts until you win a fight, but you can reactivate it to get it back.
You can only call Djimmi three times in one gameplay, however you can call him as many times as you like after beating the game.
Djimmi can only assist you in fights of the Simple and Regular difficulty levels, not Expert.

Activate Game Djimmi in Cuphead
Activate Game Djimmi in Cuphead

You can’t get a higher grade than a B+ on any boss defeated with Djimmi’s assistance. A golden flag is also not available.
If you’re stuck on a boss and just want to move on, don’t be afraid to ask Djimmi for assistance. He’s here to help you, even if the person you’re trying to beat is Djimmi himself!

People also ask

How do you obtain 9 horsepower in Cuphead?

Cuphead has 9 HP.

To obtain 9 HP in the game, you must first select the Charm titled Twin Heart. Once chosen, simply run in circles around yourself for a few seconds. After a while, Genie will notify you that you have Extra Hearts – a total of 9.

Is Cuphead home to a secret boss?

There is one secret boss in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course – that you must first defeat. This guide will go over where to find this boss, how to unlock it, and the best strategies for defeating it.\

Activate Game Djimmi in Cuphead
Activate Game Djimmi in Cuphead

How can one obtain Cuphead DLC?

The DLC is not an independent product, thus players must purchase the complete version. The base game is priced differently for each platform. The Delicious Last Course appears to be an excellent addition to the Cuphead canon, with fans eager to take on all of the tremendous challenges it brings.

How long will Cuphead be the delectable last course?

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course takes about 5-6 hours to complete. The original “Cuphead” base game is fantastic, although it moves at a relatively quick pace. According to How  Long To Beat, players should anticipate to beat “Cuphead” in 10 to 11 hours.


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