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Cat Museum is an adventure-horror-puzzle game where you wander a bizarre museum with cats, out now on iOS and Android


Taiwan-based indie developer 751 Games has officially launched Cat Museum, its bizarre puzzle adventure that brings horrific elements and gorgeous hand-drawn visuals together in a whimsical mobile game. Now available on iOS, Android and Steam, the game lets players embark on an odd journey through a fantastical world that’s freaky and intriguing at the same time, all wrapped up nicely into a 2D side-scroller.

Of course, as players progress deeper into the museum, they will learn more about themselves and their own previous trauma as they encounter circus acts with terrible backstories.

*The prologue is a free experience; however, if you enjoy Cat Museum and want to know what happens next, you must purchase the full game.

Immerse yourself in Cat Museum, a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure game, with its strange art style and surreal world. Uncover the truth behind the mysterious museum by solving bizarre riddles with your mischievous cat.


A bizarre 2D side-scrolling puzzle game.

Players are immersed in the realm of legendary fine art thanks to visually spectacular reinterpreted classical artwork.

Look for odd hints that will lead you to the truth of the protagonist’s childhood.

Interact with your mischievous cat and take pleasure in its amusement.

Enter a strange and fascinating universe and go on a fantasy adventure

Cat Museum requires you to assume the position of a museum manager in charge of the museum’s repair, which is guarded by a mystery cat.


Rating stars

(★★★★★) Narrative

Simple Objective: Solve puzzles to learn the truth about the mysterious museum.
engrossing plot

Gameplay (★★★☆☆)

a mix of game elements (point-and-click, side-scrolling, puzzle game principles) a close reminder to Distraint a lack of ambiguous objectives
Simple and straightforward puzzles to solve Exploration is limited. There are no save points. Only a demo will be available. You must purchase the full version in order to play it.

Illustrations (★★★★☆)

Hand-drawn psychedelic graphic style that is both interesting and ugly; unique character designs

Verdict (★★★★★★★★☆☆)

Despite the requirement to purchase the complete version, Cat Museum is an intriguing piece of work that has pleasantly surprised me by exceeding my expectations. For one thing, I’d never say no to playing a game with the adorable kittens!
Nonetheless, its highly engaging gameplay and kaleidoscopic designs set it apart from the competition. So, if you like cats and riddles, this is something you should absolutely put some time into!

Cat Museum is an adventure-horror-puzzle game where you wander a bizarre museum with cats, out now on iOS and Android | Pocket Gamer

Overall Review

Cat Museum is a one-of-a-kind puzzle adventure game with a scary atmosphere. This game is wonderful since it is a little dark and frightening. In fact, it improves the overall experience.
The gameplay is sides scrolling, and players must locate specific objects in order to solve a problem. The puzzles themselves are all really difficult to say the least, and at the time of writing this review, I had only cleared two of them and was now struggling (pretty badly) with the third.
Overall, it’s quite difficult, since I battled with all of the problems I tried. I like that it’s challenging, I suppose. When you throw in the dark and frightening art style, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Overall, it’s quite difficult, since I battled with all of the problems I tried. I like that it’s challenging, I suppose. And add in that dark and creepy art style and we have ourselves a really good game. Definitely continuing this after writing this review.

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