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One of the two new maps included in the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise is The Citadel. With its diverse biome and range of climates, it has something to offer everyone. The abandoned fortress in the eastern part of the map, though, is the thing that really grabs your attention. You’re not here for that, though. You need to learn how to efficiently strip-mine this location. Let’s start now!

 MHR Sunbreak
MHR Sunbreak

Table of Contents

Mines in the Citadel

The blue dot on the accompanying map designates each of the mining nodes. Alternately, hunters can mark the mini-map with each outcrop that has the specific metal or mineral they’re hunting with their palamute’s “Sniff it out!” skill after discovering a specific ore on the map.

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Like every action that involves obtaining resources, mining is essential to the Monster Hunter adventure. This has become a lot simpler since the Sunbreak expansion because of the palamute ability. Before that, hunters had to commit each node’s location to memory. Even if some saw it as a necessary element of the search, a way to learn more about the surroundings. A little quality of life can, however, go a long way because more and more games are vying for our attention.

 MHR Sunbreak
MHR Sunbreak

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