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Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy, also known as TOF, is an open-world MMORPG with a sci-fi theme. You can play this anime-based game here while following the plot or just adventuring around the vast globe. You will have a quest to locate the constellations in the sky during your adventures. As a result, in order to finish the quest, you must locate their specific telescopes in Aesperia. I’ll list every Constellation Telescope position in Tower of Fantasy in this walkthrough.

Locations of every Constellation in Tower of Fantasy

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In Tower of Fantasy, there is a telescope that may be used to view every constellation. You will be able to access the telescopes and join the constellations’ dots once you arrive there. There are 11 Constellations, so you will need to repeat this process 11 times. The Tower of Fantasy’s Telescope locations are shown with accuracy in the figure above. Complete the mission by going to their destinations.

Here are the answers for each place, according to the illustration:

Constellation of Libra in Black

Pisces Constellation in blue, Pegasus Constellation in cyan, and Taurus Constellation in green
Red – Bootes Constellation Violet – Capricorn Constellation White – Virgo Constellation Yellow – Draco Constellation Maroon – Aquarius Constellation Orange – Leo Constellation Pink – Lepus Constellation Red – Lepus Constellation
These are where each telescope is located. The answers to each constellation in the game are provided here.

Locations of the Libra Constellation in the Tower of Fantasy

libra constellation tower of fantasy

Pisces Constellation

pisces constellation tower of fantasy

Pegasus Constellation

taurus constellation tof

Leo Constellation & its locations in Tower of Fantasy

leo constellation tof

Lepus Constellation

lepus constellation tof

Bootes Constellation

bootes constellation tof

Capricorn Constellation

capricorn constellation tof

Virgo Constellation

virgo constellation tower of fantasy

Draco Constellation

draco constellation tof

You will receive some unique gifts once you have connected all of the Constellations required for the quest. You will benefit from these benefits in the early game, therefore I urge you to complete this quest as soon as you can.

This was all about where each telescope was located in the Tower of Fantasy and what constellations were visible from each one. This advice has hopefully been useful to you.


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