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The best weaponry in Fortnite are mythic weapons, which are the best of the best. These weapons belonged to NPC bosses including Gunnar, Doctor Sloane, and Deadpool in prior seasons. Simply defeating these bosses would be sufficient for players to obtain a fabled weapon. There are no longer any such NPC bosses on the map with the arrival of Chapter 3 Season 3. As a result, obtaining one is far more difficult than how gamers are used to it.

There are several new locations and gameplay elements on the Fortnite map thanks to the new season. The Reality Falls biome is one of these destinations, and obtaining a mythological weapon is directly related to this new POI. To grow a Reality Sapling, players must gather Reality Seeds from a flower in Reality Falls. Over time, this sapling will mature and produce fruits that yield treasure that ranges from common to rare to epic to legendary to mythic.

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Mythic Weapons in Fortnite
Mythic Weapons in Fortnite

Every Mythic Weapon in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3

Players have a chance to find one of four mythological weapons in total. Although level two chests include these weapons, the drop rate is extremely low. Therefore, to ensure that you receive some fabled treasure, we advise planting Reality Saplings.

Damage: 138 Heavy Sniper Rifle Magazine Capacity: 1 Fire Rate: 0.33
Time to Reload: 3.4 seconds
Damage: 36 Ranger Assault Rifle Magazine Capacity: 25
4 fire rate
Time to Reload: 2.375 seconds

Damage to the Hammer Assault Rifle: 35 Magazine Capacity: 20
5.8 fps Fire Rate 1.87 fps Reload Time
Damage from a Striker Pump Shotgun: 120 Magazine Capacity: 5
Fire rate: 0.65 Seconds to reload: 4.75

Auto Shotgun: 98.40 Damaged; Magazine Capacity: 8
1.5 seconds between shots and reloads
Damage from a two-shot shotgun is 69.
Fire at a rate of 1.49 and reload in 7.14 seconds

Fire Rate: 2.5 DMR Damage: 58 Magazine Size: 10 Reload Time: 2.12
Damage from a Stinger SMG: 24 Magazine Capacity: 30
Rate of Fire: 12
2 seconds for a reload

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3 Mythic Weapons

Mythic Weapons in Fortnite
Mythic Weapons in Fortnite

Players must gather seeds from the Reality Seed Pods that are thriving close to the Reality Tree at the Reality Falls POI, as was briefly discussed earlier. These huge, vividly purple, with a glint of light on top, pods are particularly noticeable due to their size and colour. With your pickaxe, smash the pod to get the seeds. Throw the seed on the ground in Reality Falls POI to plant it, and a Reality Sapling will grow from it. Your seedling will develop in the same location as the match.

The Reality Sapling will produce Uncommon fruits, from which you can obtain Uncommon loot, if you plant the seed for the first time. But hold off on picking the fruits just yet. Weeds will start to grow around your sapling after a short while. The fruits will become Rare after the weeds have been removed, from Uncommon. You must repeat this process as you advance your plant to produce fruits that are Rare to Epic, then Legendary, and eventually Mythic.

Keep in mind that subsequent weedings will take substantially longer to complete. Your plant can be upgraded from common to rare in around 15 minutes, from rare to epic in 12 hours, and from epic to legendary and mythic in 24 hours, respectively. It’s vital to remember that Reality Saplings are shared by all players, which means that, with the exception of the Mythic fruit, other players can take the produce from your plant. So make sure to hide your sapling when you plant it.

A helpful hint: according on the biome your Mythic fruit is planted in, you will receive a different type of pistol. The Mythic Two Shot Shotgun will result from planting the Reality Sapling in Reality Falls, while the Mythic DMR will result from planting it in mountains. Similar to this, you will find the Mythic Hammer AR in grasslands and the Mythic Stinger SMG in desert biomes.

People also ask

In Fortnite Chapter 3, is a fabled shotgun present?
The Auto Shotgun in Fortnite is the first Mythic weapon of the current season. This shotgun has an 8-round magazine capacity, a 1.5 fire rate, 98.40 damage, 172.2 headshot damage, and a 5.415 second reload time.
Where can I buy mythological weapons in Fortnite?
Finding exotic and mythic weapons in Fortnite Season 2
Agent Jones, Peely, and The Visitor offered the Boom Sniper Rifle for 400 gold.
Marksman Six Shooter: offered for sale by Quackling and Cuddle Team Leader for 400 gold.
Bunker Jonesy, Ludwig, Mullet Marauder, and Jonesy the First offered to sell the Dub Shotgun for 400 gold bars.
Mythic Weapons in Fortnite
Mythic Weapons in Fortnite

What mythics can you currently find in Fortnite?

Chapter 3 of Season 3 will feature mythic weapons.

automatic shotgun Rifle: Ranger Assault. Rifle for heavy snipers. Shotgun Pump Striker

What exotics are in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3?

The Marksman Six Shooter, The Dub, Shadow Tracker Pistol, Chug Cannon, and the Boom Sniper Rifle are the five exotic weapons for Fortnite chapter 3 of season 3. Each one will cost between 400 and 600 gold bars to purchase from an NPC in specific locations.

In Fortnite, how many mythological enemies are there?

Currently, three Fortnite NPCs own mythic weapons, however they are quite difficult to obtain.


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