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At some point in the level, you’ll come across a locked gate. There will be three separate locks on this gate. You’ll need to look through the drawers to find the three keys lying inside.

I find the keys in Apeirophobia Office Rooms. Apeirophobia Office Rooms has a monster that camps the player. I can be invisible by crouching but I’m really slow. After the key part there is another part with buttons. I unfortunately couldn’t press all the buttons because I died in the next part too much.

After locating all three keys, return to the locked gate and open its three locks. As soon as they are activated, you will hear a buzzing noise.

Location and How to Get Keys in Apeirophobia Roblox

in Apeirophobia Roblox it is possible for keys to spawn in either predetermined spots or in locations chosen at random. The following is a list of all of the locations on the aforementioned levels where you can discover the keys:

On Level 3, the player has a chance of discovering a key within one of the cabinets located close to their spawn point. There are a total of three keys that need to be discovered before the player can proceed to the next section of the level.

On level 10, the pair of lockers each have a door with a key attached to them. They will emit a yellow light if they are discovered. There are a number of keys that can be discovered, but only one of them will allow you to complete the level. It has the ability to unlock the door to Level 10’s exit.

On Level 11, the keys can be found in two different places. The first can be found in a maze in the middle of the second part of the level, while the second can be found behind a gate that can be opened by using the first key.

What You do After you Find Keys

Every time you play, the keys will be in a different drawer, so you’ll have to go through all of them. As with most things in life, slow and steady triumphs.

The next step is to use the keys you just found to open the massive door (seen below) and enter the new location.

Upon entering the floor, you will see a number of drawers; these contain the three keys required to access the Department. This location is constantly patrolled by the Hound, making it extremely difficult for you to locate the keys. The good news is that it has no eyes, so you may avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself by staying out of its line of sight. If it’s nearby, you should probably just stop moving because it’ll locate you rather quickly otherwise.

Find buttons in different rooms across the map once you have all the keys and have progressed to the next region. You should exercise caution when searching for all eight of them because the Hound is still active in the area. After using all of the switches, you can leave the level through the door.

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