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Roblox Apeirophobia level 13 was added on October 15th, 2022. In this guide we will walk you through everything in this level.

What is the Apeirophobia level 13 Objective?

To open the gate to the second room, the player must locate and click on five buttons that resemble stars. Finding three buttons is what the message instructs you to do, yet this is untrue.

Five are present. A plush toy in the shape of a partypooper can be found at each of the three birthday parties in the second chamber, which is a vast maze. After gathering all three plushies, a blue door in the party room with the stage will unlock. Level 13 has three sections, and the second room is haunted by a partygoer.

Level 13 contains 3 sections:

The foyer part is the initial area. At the front door, there is a desk and a sign indicating the playground’s location. There are lots of slides, artwork, and balloons on the playground. Additionally, there are a few party tables in this location, some of which are blocking the space where the centre star is located.

By pressing every star-shaped button in the first chamber, you can enter the second area. The second location is the Partygoers’ home and features a number of rooms, labyrinths, and halls that connect to either little or huge rooms where there appears to be a birthday celebration. The Level 13 exit is located behind a blue door in one of these huge birthday party rooms.

Behind the stage/auditorium is where the third space is situated. Along with black and white party decorations, the walls and floor are covered in an unknown black substance that is comparable to Level 16. The maze region and this part seem to merge together.

Apeirophobia level 13 plush location

The dark colour of the plushies and their sad faces, which resemble the extinct Partypooper, make them appear to be sitting.

In Level 13, collectible plushies are required to unlock the escape door.

For the Level 13 task, the Plushies are already in your inventory, so you don’t need to do anything with them.

A stage/auditorium chamber, a party room with several pillars on the left, and a green party room on the right are the three spots on the map where plushies can be found.

The Partygoer plushies were absent from the game, but they might show up in the upcoming update.

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