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Players in Apex Legends will have the opportunity to engage in combat with a wide choice of weaponry from various weapon classes. The best guns with the right attachments must be chosen in order to engage in combat over a variety of distances and win gunfights. Some weapon recoil patterns are simple to learn, while others require more time to get ingrained in your muscle memory.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Similar to this, there are numerous single-fire weapons that cause huge amounts of damage, thus players must practice their aim frequently. Do bear in mind that just because a weapon is regarded as being of a low tier doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use it. Ideally, your most comfortable weapons are the best ones to use!

R-301 Carbine, one of the best assault rifles in Apex Legends

The R-301 is an Assault Rifle that fires quickly, has little recoil, and has a small hip-fire spread. Both supply crates and ground treasure contain it. This weapon is versatile at any range and belongs to the S+ Tier. To spray down on opponents from a distance, combine it with the 2x HCOG Bruiser, 3x HCOG Ranger, or 2x-4x Variable AOG. Even at great distances, the R-301 deals considerable damage despite using little ammunition. To  this weapon effectively at a great distance, look for the Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Light Magazine, Optics, and Stock attachments.

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Flatline VK-4

The second-best assault rifle in the game is the VK-47 Flatline, which you can find as ground loot. Despite firing at a somewhat slower rate than the R-301, the Flatline’s Heavy Ammunition type gives it a powerful punch. This weapon doesn’t need a barrel stabilizer, however a 2x or 3x HCOG Ranger is very effective across the range with it. Recoil control with the Flatline can be challenging, thus we advise players to put this weapon through a lot of fire range practice.

Kraber.50-CAL Sniper: One of the Best Sniper Rifles in Apex Legends

Only the Care Package has the Kraber, a S+ Tier weapon in Apex Legends. Because of its very high headshot and body shot damage, this weapon recently had a nerf. This sniper’s bolt-action hits targets without helmets for 280 headshot damage and 140 body damage. It continues to be the greatest sniper rifle in the game despite the nerfs. The Kraber has limited ammo, so there is no tolerance for error, but headshots can instantly take down opponents. To increase your chances of getting the Kraber in Ranked battles, make sure to always open unlooted Care Packages.


The Sentinel, Apex Legends’ second-best sniper, shares the Rampage LMG’s amplified function. Shield Cells can be used by players to improve the bolt-action sniper’s damage output, while the Deadeye’s Tempo Hop-Up can be used to speed up its rate of fire. To function to its fullest in-game, this weapon needs the Extended Sniper Magazine, Sniper Optics, Sniper Stock, and Hop-Up. The Sentinel can be used in conjunction with either the 6x Sniper Optics or the 4x-8x Variable Sniper to locate targets at a medium to long range.

M600 Spitfire, the best light machine gun in Apex Legends

Although the M600 Spitfire LMG was just taken out of the Care Package, its effectiveness as one of the best weapons in Apex Legends has not diminished. Given its recoil pattern and range, a few of professional gamers and content producers have even claimed that the Spitfire is the finest LMG in the game. To launch a barrage of fire at the opposition from a distance, equip the Spitfire with a mid-range scope and an extended heavy magazine. Although this weapon has the capacity to eliminate a whole squad, at close ranges, players inevitably become exposed to SMGs and shotguns.

Most effective shotguns in Apex Legends

Maulfoil Shotgun

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

We have classified the Mastiff Shotgun, which is a Care Package weapon for now, as being in the S+ Tier. Although the Mastiff’s hip-fire deals respectable damage, if players aim down sights, the shell spread will be closer. Only four shells in each magazine and 28 extra shells are included with the weapon. With the Mastiff, it’s important to quickly move into and out of cover while quickly switching to ADS if you want to take down foes.


Unquestionably one of the most effective shotguns in the game, the Peacekeeper is simple to locate as ground loot. With a Choke feature that limits pellet distribution while aiming through down sights, this weapon excels in close-quarters fighting. To function more effectively, the Peacekeeper needs a Shotgun Bolt, Shotgun Optics, and a Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up. Players can charge up a shot using the choke feature before launching it at an adversary. In close-quarters battle, this will not only result in a tighter spread but also deal concentrated damage to the adversaries.

G7 Scout, the best marksman rifle in Apex Legends

The G7 Scout, which can only be acquired through care packages, is presently the best marksman rifle in the game. Semi-automatic and two-shot burst firing mechanisms are features of this weapon. With its 2x-4x Variable AOG optic, the G7 Scout makes it simpler to follow distant foes. If you find this Marksman Rifle in the Care Package, it’s a wonderful option, and players should couple it with an AR or LMG to be equally effective at all ranges.

Take three

Although it is frequently found as ground loot, the Triple Take is only second to the G7 Scout in Apex Legends’ Marksman Rifle category. This weapon shoots three bullets all at once and is semi-automatic. It utilises Energy Ammunition and functions similarly to the Peacekeeper’s choke mechanism. Due to the Choke’s ability to minimise bullet spread, this weapon excels in close-quarters combat. Players can also fast-forward the sliding Choke mechanic by attaching the Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up.

Apex Legends’ top submachine gun


One of the new weapons in Apex Legends is the C.A.R SMG, which can fire both light and heavy ammunition. This SMG can fire very quickly and deal a lot of damage, but it has a challenging recoil pattern. With the C.A.R. SMG, users can beam down opponents at close range thanks to its compact hip-fire spread. Similar to this, it has a very quick TTK and is very effective at near to midrange. Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Light or Heavy Magazine, SMG Optics, and a Stock are required attachments for this weapon.

R-99 SMG

The R-99 is one of the game’s most powerful SMGs while having a difficult recoil to control. It fires light ammunition and drops items on the ground. With this weapon, you can quickly deal high damage to numerous opponents to take them out of the fight. The R-99 can be somewhat erratic from a distance, but up close, it excels against shotguns. We advise employing this weapon strictly for close-to-mid range combat, despite the fact that it requires a Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Light Magazine, SMG Optics, and a Stock.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

People also ask

What gun in Apex is the greatest right now?
R-301 Pistol

The R-301 is the greatest Apex Legends gun for mid-range entanglements since it is a fantastic all-arounder (much like it was in Titanfall). Although the R-301 comes with some of the greatest iron sights in the game, accessories, especially a mid-range scope and a longer magazine, really bring out the best in the weapon.

What weapons in Apex deal the most harm?

Weapons in Apex Legends with the highest damage

The P2020 with the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up goes up to grab the top rank based on the amount of damage you can inflict in one second, while the Prowler burst and auto modes take second and third place, respectively

Is the peacekeeper preferable than the mastiff?

“Why choose PK if you’re more reliable with the Mastiff? Because PK causes more harm, correct?” asked Timmy. “Therefore, if you’re connecting on all of your shots with the PK, you should employ the PK.”

What gun in Apex has the fastest rate of fire?

Mr. Kraber

The fastest TTK in Apex Legends Mobile belongs to 50 Cal. Because only one shot is required to kill an adversary. The Kraber deals 145 and 435 damage to the body.


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