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After the Ranked Split in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment released a hotfix to address some of the primary problems players were having. These faults included malfunctions in the Replicator’s functionality, problems with Loba’s tactical ability, problems with Wraith’s damage intake when employing abilities, and various problems for Xbox users. Here are the key points from this synopsis of the patch notes.

 most of the Apex Legends Patch’s highlights


Fix Loba’s tactical error without explanation

Apex Legends Patch
Apex Legends Patch

Players in Apex Legends Season 13 noted several problems with Loba’s Tactical ability. The Burglar’s Best Friend bracelet frequently failed to transfer Loba from one location to another and appeared to be malfunctioning. As a result, the Legend’s Tactical ability became essentially ineffective in-game, which caused a lot of issues for Loba mains. The bracelet’s return to Loba after stopping at any location was the main problem; this caused the heroine to enter an animation in which she was unable to use her Tactical to shoot or heal.


Fix instances where Wraith would occasionally not take damage from her abilities.
In Season 13, countless players have observed that while their bullets are connecting, the opposition is not suffering any damage. Wraith was the one that had this problem the most, especially when she used her portals. The problem has been resolved, and the developers have made the appropriate adjustments to stop it.

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Replicator Fix functionality loss when using a replicator

The Replicator may be Apex Legends Season 13’s most problematic bug. After utilizing the Replicator, players have claimed that all Legend skills and features are rendered useless. This bug basically prevents players from accessing their inventory, healing, and activating abilities, though shooting and ADSing were still available. Thankfully, the most recent patch fixed this game-breaking glitch.

Apex Legends Patch
Apex Legends Patch

Xbox Address concerns with the quality of VOIP and Xbox headphones.

While playing Apex Legends in Season 13, Xbox players have also encountered their fair share of issues. Xbox gamers previously encountered the 103 error number and the Waiting for the player bug. The devs fixed issues with Xbox headsets and VOIP quality, and the patch update will successfully fix these issues for players.

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People also ask

Which patch is Apex running?

Control returns in the Apex Legends 13.1 update.

The new lifeline buff, what is it?

Lifeline’s Combat Revive, Heal Drone, and Care Package have all received improvements as part of the Apex Legends Awakening Collection event. On June 21, the next Collection event will begin, bringing with it a Lifeline Town Takeover and a total overhaul of her skills.

The recent Apex update did what, exactly?

Changes in Gameplay

R-301 and Rampage have been withdrawn from crafting and have been added back to floor loot. Entry into all Ranked Leagues matches has been decreased by 10 RP. Wingman and CAR SMG were taken out of the floor loot and added to the crafting.

Apex Legends Mobile: Is it Real?

The Apex Legends Mobile is still under development and is being tuned to work well across a range of gadgets. The beta is only accessible on Android 6.0 and higher-powered smartphones. The test-supported mobile devices do not represent the final version that was released; other models will be supported in the future.

How come apex updates are so large?

Some files must be downloaded again since they were altered. As a result, even if some upgrades weigh more than 30 MB, your file size generally stays the same. For instance, among all devices, the Xbox often has the largest file size.


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