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Genshin Impact is back with another limited-time festival event! Grab your gear and complete those requirements since this is a must-attend event. You can win primogems, Mora, and a lot of Mystic Ore to level up your characters. The event began on June 14th and will continue through July 4th.

 Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Everything you need to know about The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival is right here!

How to Gain Access to the Mighty Arataki Festival

Before you may participate in most events, you must first acquire a particular rank. This will be really useful as you try to progress through the game. The stronger you become, the easier it will be to defeat adversaries. To participate in this event, you must gain adventure rank 30 and complete the Ritou Escape Plan quest. The Inazuma Archon quest line includes this quest.

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Once you’ve collected the whole lot you’ll need to complete the search, you may be able to set off it . Head over to Ritou to begin the task, and a cutscene will emerge. You’ll then want to go to Amakane Island, which is close to Inazuma City, and repeat the process. Near the festival grounds, you will come across a character named Arataki Itto who is surrounded by a gang. When you converse with him, he will pass you his drum to use.

Performing your drum and beat mappings

During this event, you will be able to construct a beat map with a drum. This event is divided into three segments, which are as follows:

Completing event tasks
Add new notes to your own beat map.
Play other players’ designed beat maps.
The more difficult it is to control the flow when playing the mini game, the higher the difficulty. Learn the songs first before attempting more difficult challenges. We prefer utilizing a gamepad for PC players, however if you must use your keyboard, utilize ASD and JKL to operate it. You may also share your beat maps with other players in this rhythm game. You must have in order to share your code.

You may share your beat maps with other players in this rhythm sport. You ought to have so that you can proportion your code.

Arataki the Mighty Reward

 Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

The list below shows the many types of rewards you will receive while finishing this event’s stages:

Blossoms of Summer Night – 60 primogems, 3 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea, 3 Wit Heroes, 40,000 Mora 6 Mystic Boosting Ore
Time to Shine – 60 primogems, three Narukami’s Joy, three Heroes Wit, 40,000 Mora, and six Mystic Enhancement Ore
Drifter’s Destiny – 60 primogems, 3 Tiger Bite, 3 Heroes Wit, 40,000 Mora, and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore

The Keeper’s Devotion – 60 primogems 40,000 Mora, 3 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea, 3 Heroes Wit 6 Mystic Boosting Ore
– 60 Primogems, Let’s Go, Crimson Knight! 40,000 Mora, 3 Narukami’s Joy, 3 Hero’s Wit 6 Mystic Boosting Ore
60 Primogems, Rage Beneath the Mountains 3 Tiger’s Bite Mask, 3 Hero’s Wit, 40,000 Mora 6 Mystic Boosting Ore
60 Primogems, 1 Arataki’s Great and Glorious Drum (machine), 8 Adventurer’s Experience, 40,000 Mora, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Devotion to the Keeper – 60 primogems, 3 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea, 3 Heroes Wit, 40,000 Mora, and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore

– 60 Primogems, three Narukami’s Joy, three Hero’s Wit, forty,000 Mora, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore
Rage Beneath the Mountains – 60 Primogems, 3 Tiger’s Bite Masks, 3 Hero’s Wit, 40,000 Mora, and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore

Desire Termination – 60 Primogems, 8 Adventurer’s Experience, 40,000 Mora, and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

People also ask

Is Genshin Impact a pay-to-win situation?

Because Genshin Impact is a free-to-play mobile gacha game, some players may be concerned that it is pay-to-win. Fortunately, the game has demonstrated over time that users can complete even the most difficult material without spending a dollar.

What exactly is the purpose of Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game in which the player controls one of four replaceable party members. During combat, switching between characters is quick and allows the player to use a variety of skill and attack combinations.

Why is Genshin Impact so well-liked?

Because to its high quality, Genshin Impact remains popular. The fact that Genshin Impact is the most discussed game on Twitter in 2022 is probably due to its quality. That may appear to be an oversimplification, but the game’s great quality is what initially drew people to it.

Is Genshin Impact habit-forming?

Addiction to Genshin Impact is more frequent than one might expect, and it is not limited to or exclusive to the game. The gacha or “vending” mechanic is used in Genshin Impact. High-level characters are only available for a limited period and require a substantial sum of premium currency.

Is Genshin Impact still popular in the year 2022?

Tracker of player population and population count (2022) When Genshin Impact was released in September 2020, it surged in popularity, and its player count is still growing almost two years later.

Is it possible to play a male in Genshin Impact?

You will be asked to choose which Twin to play as at the start of Genshin Impact. You will have a choice of male or female, and you will be able to name either one you choose. This name will appear in the dialogue text, but the voice lines will simply refer to you as ‘you,’ ‘us’ (when Paimon speaks), or ‘traveller.’

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