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A brand-new endless running game for iOS and Android called Talking Tom Gold Run features Tom, Angela, and numerous other Talking TOM franchise characters. Your objective in this game is to track down robbers who have taken your gold, recover it, and then use it to build your house, your friends’ houses, and open new levels. For Talking Tom Gold Run tips & techniques, keep reading!

talking tom gold run
talking tom gold run

Gold is the primary form of payment in this game, and it is used to finish your character’s homes. Tom is the first character you play, and after you finish building his house, Angela’s first run becomes available. Once you unlock all of the characters, you can access even more stages for each one by building their homes, which will then unlock Angela’s run.

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The power-ups, which include magnets, helmets, planes, and double bars, can be upgraded. These are located inside vaults, which can be located by running, bought with gold, or periodically unlocked for free. For each of the power-ups, each character has a separate maximum upgrade level.

Want to instantly obtain the free vault? Set the clock ahead on your phone’s date and time settings by the amount of cool-down time that remains until your next free vault appears. Then return to the game, where you can unlock a new vault. Use this trick as many as you like to get limitless free vaults. You won’t be able to acquire another free vault for a while after you return the time to normal since the time you cheated off of will be added back to the vault cool-down time.

People also ask

Tom Gold Run: Is it unending?

Parents should be aware that the video game Talking Tom Gold Run is an infinite runner in the vein of Temple Run or Subway Surfers. It is based on the Talking Tom Cat and Talking Angela applications’ personalities.
talking tom gold run
talking tom gold run

What is the talking tom world record?

Over 100 million points are the Talking Tom Gold Run OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD. 9-hour game of Talking Tom Gold Run

How many people have downloaded Talking Tom Gold Run?

In 2016, the Talking Tom Gold Run expanded to include infinite runners

Which Talking Tom Gold Run version is the most recent?

Visit to get Talking Tom: Gold Run 5.9. 3.1567 for Android.

Will the sequel to Tom Gold Run talk?

The chase has resumed! In Gold Run 2, go on a time-traveling journey with Talking Tom. Restart your run now! Talking Tom is returning to chase after The Rakoonz through time.

How can I remove advertising from Tom Gold Run?

That is a wise query! All you have to do is pick All Ad Providers in the game’s settings. It ought should work this time!


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