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In this article we will discover how to get free energy on merge mansion easily.

To get free energy you need to try to spawn more items and then you will be given more energy. As the energy is the currency term so you can get energy from toolboxes and flowers pots for free.

Facts on Free Genery in Merge Mansion

The Maximum Energy one can have through Energy Recovery is 100. 1 Energy will recuperate like clockwork, this implies it requires 3 hours and 20 minutes to totally fill the Energy Bar once more.

You can have in excess of 100 energy by topping off your energy utilizing Asset Energy 05.pngEnergy Bubbles (Make sure you have under 1000 energy or, in all likelihood the game will crash).

At the point when you run out of energy and attempt to generate more things, you will be offer the chance to buy 100 energy utilizing precious stones (pearls). The cost of this buy begins at 5 jewels and copies with each buy that day. The cost then resets to 5 precious stones the following day.

User opinion on this game:

Enjoyable distraction, but it would be nice if the energy level didn’t cap off at 100. That means your playing time is very limited. And everytime the game is updated I have to completely restart my device for it to recognize it has been done. It gets stuck in a loop of telling me to update after I’ve already done it.

While this is a very entertaining game, it could use a few improvements: there should be an option to watch ads for more energy, and instead of having to spend double the amount of gems for each refill, the cost should increase linearly. Double (exponential) is FAR too steep. Also, the screws and soap should spawn with a higher probability; they’re frequently a requirement for box rewards, but if they can hardly be acquired then the task is virtually impossible.

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