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Players can unwind with the entertaining new game Dinkum, which is similar to Animal Crossing. In this game, players explore the outdoors while also rearing farm animals, catching insects, and other things. Even better, you can start your own bee farm. You can purchase one or two of your own beehives to create your own bee dwellings in the game with a few tips and tactics. You can gather a tonne of honey from these, which you can use to increase your stamina. This manual is for you if you also wish to possess a beehive in Dinkum.


Build a Beehive and Use It in Dinkum

You must first advance to rank 10 in order to obtain a beehive or bee house in Dinkum. You can then craft the bee house after it is unlocked. You’ll need the following supplies to make a bee house:

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2 bars of iron
Spinifex Resin 2x
4 hard wood boards
single queen bee

When you have them all, you can construct a bee house. One of the deeds in the game that you can perform without a licence is this one. Once the beehive is constructed, you can collect honey to use for stamina.

In Dinkum, How Do You Get a Queen Bee?

By cutting down trees, you can obtain a queen bee. When you kill one of them, a beehive will spawn. Then you may use that to raise bees and produce your own honey.

You may easily save extra queen bees for when you construct new bee houses or hives in the game. Currently, the only thing you can do with honey in the game is boost your stamina when it’s low.


This will show you how to get a hive and create your own bee house in Dinkum. If you enjoy playing Dinkum, look at the other instructions.

People also ask

How are the beehives created in Conan Exiles?

You will now need wood and shaped wood to build the beehive, which you can manufacture at the Carpenter’s Bench from regular wood. Once you have the required supplies, locate a location for your beehive, choose it from the crafting menu, and then place it there. Now, honey will be generated automatically.

In Fallout 76, how can you get the beehive?

A merchant named Samuel in Fallout 76 will sell you the beehive plans for 750 gold bullion if you wish to create a beehive. In Fallout 76, the Foundation, the base of the settler faction, is where you can meet this trader by the name of Samuel.


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