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Recently, the Highschool Years expansion pack for Sims 4 was published. As a result, the game’s base pack has undergone several alterations. So far, the new additions have been quite intriguing, but Wants and Fears stands out as one of the best. This feature has inactive gamers returning to the game only to check it out because it reminds them of the Sims 2’s desires and anxieties. What are your needs and anxieties, then, are the questions that need to be asked. And what impact do they have on gaming? We provide answers to both of these queries in this manual. Here is your wants and fears guide for The Sims 4.

Sims 4 Wants and Fears?

Here is all there is to know about Sims 4’s Wants and Fears.

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In the game, wants are comparable to whims. Similar but different. This is because, as opposed to being purely random, wants are more in line with the Sim’s personality and goals. Whims frequently irritated players because they would appear out of nowhere and have no long-term impact on the game. In contrast, there are three categories for wants. Long-term, short-term, and reactionary are these. These are often one of the three categories, and your sim can only have three wants at once.

Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty

Even if they are quickly satisfied, long-term desires will persist for a while. Short-term desires are rapid, simple, and frequently alter. Last but not least, reactionary wants are solely driven by the sim’s whims and desires. This desire is typically a result of your Sim’s environment and personality. Your reactionary wants will be entirely focused on satisfying your low needs.

There are incentives for achieving desires as well. In the game, these bonuses are represented by Satisfaction points. These points can then be used in the rewards shop. However, suppressing a desire will only cause you to grow afraid of unmet expectations. Additionally, unlike Whims, you can’t just click them away, though they do change frequently to keep things fresh.

However, there are some desires that you might actually want to fulfil. I simply don’t have the time to accomplish it right now. These items can be easily pinned to prevent rolling away. This will guarantee that these desires won’t vanish until they are satisfied.

Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty


This addition considerably increases the significance of fears. You can either avoid the source of your dread at this point or just confront it. You don’t come into the game already fearful; fear comes as you play. If your Sim encounters a fire that got out of control, for instance, they can develop a phobia of fires in the game.

In your Sim’s info panel, you can research these anxieties. To learn why your sim is experiencing this fear and how to get over it, hover over the trait. You will either have certain fears or not, depending on your attributes. Vampires, for instance, don’t get afraid of the dark. Sims with greater anxiety, however, will experience a variety of fears, including a fear of public speaking.

In contrast to the soft cloud that wants are in, fears crop up next to wants in a more angular fashion. Finding out what the fear is focused on will help you conquer it right away. You may develop more original tales in the game by using these concerns.

People also ask

What does your Sim want to do, and how do you know?

To access the new menu, first select the star icon on the right side of the panel. From there, you may click on various Aspirations to learn more about their Goals and generally snoop about. Remember that you can only get the Bonus Trait for the Aspiration you chose when creating your Sim.

What transpires when a Sim craves entertainment desperately?

A Sim with a low demand for amusement in The Sims 4 will get a +1 “Needs Amusement” tense moodlet, which will eventually turn into a +3 “Desperate for Fun” tense moodlet. The Sim is shielded from all tense moodlets by the Carefree satisfaction reward trait, thereby saving the Sim from the consequences of having low fun needs.

How do you prevent your Sims from acting as they please?

Turn off autonomy under the gameplay tab of the game’s options after pausing it.

What is the Sims’ ultimate objective?

Although The Sims 4 is a game that we can legitimately categorize as being open-world, we talk a lot about open world games. There is no final destination, and you can do whatever you wish with your Sims. Either you can be Mister Nice Guy and treat them well, or you can skip being nice to them and treat them badly.


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