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In the video game Raft, you and your buddies are thrown into a world of ocean seas. As you navigate through various water-based obstacles, you are required to carry out a variety of duties and objectives. Even though the purpose of the game is to be played with friends, the fact that it is only PC compatible limits players from actually being able to accomplish that.

We’ve prepared a method that will allow you to play Raft directly on your Mac rather than needing to buy additional hardware to do so.

Raft on Mac
Raft on Mac

How to use Mac to play Raft

Raft may be played in two different ways on PC right now. You can either install Windows Parallels or download the Boot Camp client, which essentially brings the Windows OS to your Mac. Both techniques let you install the Windows operating system on your Mac and carry out common PC functions. This includes having access to games that weren’t previously playable.

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How to set up Boot Camp on a Mac so you can play Raft

Every Mac user’s hardware is native to Boot Camp, therefore anyone can download it. Open the Boot Camp Assistant option in the Applications subfolder of your Utilities folder. You will be prompted to input a USB drive or adjust the Windows OS’s size on your hardware by following the on-screen instructions.

Your Mac will restart after that and launch the Windows Installer from scratch. When asked where you would like to install Windows, choose the “BOOTCAMP” disc and click the Format option when prompted. The installation screen will then be displayed, showing you how quickly Boot Camp is installing.

Your Mac will restart once again after the installation is finished, and a screen with the words “Welcome to the Boot Camp installer” will appear. The installation will be finished once you follow the on-screen directions to install any necessary support drivers. You need hold the Option key down while restarting your Mac in order to convert to Windows.

Raft on Mac
Raft on Mac

How to set up Windows Parallels on a Mac to play Raft

Boot Camp and this software are quite similar, but the price is different. The main distinction between Windows Parallels and Boot Camp is how your computer reacts to the amount of power needed to run certain applications. Applications like Raft may be slowed down by Boot Camp, which consumes a lot of energy. Less space is needed and switching to Windows Parallels when your Mac is already on is simpler.

You may begin playing Raft as soon as you download the programme from the official website by simply following the simple installation instructions.

People also ask

Raft might visit Mac.

Tweets about Raft “@Persepoliis Currently, there is no Mac support, and we are unsure of when it will be available:/” and Twitter.

Is Raft playable on an iPad?

iOS 10.0 or later is necessary.

Is the raft available on the PlayStation 4?

Redbeet Interactive, the game’s creator, has not yet affirmed that Raft will be available on the PlayStation 4 as of this writing. Raft may not be offered to gamers on the PlayStation Store due to the game’s extremely demanding physics and other components that may be simply too demanding for the PS4 to handle.

A Nintendo switch is raft?

Nintendo’s official website for the Nintendo Switch game Survive on Raft.

Can you call raft and get it?

newest iteration

The Android game RAFT: Original Survival Game tests your ability to stay alive on a raft that’s drifting in a shark-infested sea.

On the iPhone, is raft free?

Month – $19.99. Year – $99.99. Payment will be deducted from your iTunes Account after the purchase is confirmed. You have at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to cancel a subscription or a free trial.

Does raft have a phone app?

The Android survival simulator Raft is currently available.


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