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Chivalry 2, Torn Banner Studios’ gritty and violent mediaeval 2021 first-person slasher, is celebrating the season with its own one-of-a-kind new event. The new Midsommar Event is available for a short time and gives a new map to go hand-to-hand against your adversaries via the game’s Brawl Mode, adding a sense of whimsy to an otherwise bleakly fulfilling game.

What Is the Brawl Mode?

Brawl Mode in Chivalry 2 allows players to discard their actual weapons in favour of a less traditional arsenal of regular items. Using their fists to bash their opponents is a clear way to get the job done, but it can also be good to grab something unconventional to make a point. The stuff available for pickup in Chivalry 2 are extremely amusing, especially the animal poo.

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Chivalry 2’s New Midsommar Event
Chivalry 2’s New Midsommar Event

What You Should Know About Midsommar

The event is presently underway and will run throughout the summer, providing gamers with a new area based in the mythical realm of Aberfell. This new terrain, decked up in Pegan seasonings, adds a little of gloomy cheer to the bloodbaths taking place within it. It’s not the usual type of festival we’re used to.

This new level includes even more things for players to utilize as weapons to bash, cut, and maim their opponents. A Midsommar Pole, Wood Hammer, Flower Vase, Mini Catapult, Straw Figures, and Totem Poles are among them. In addition, there are a few new helmets for players to obtain. There’s the fearsome Bear Mask and the charming Flower Crown.

Chivalry 2’s New Midsommar Event
Chivalry 2’s New Midsommar Event


Chivalry 2 ordinary and special editions are both 40% discounted until July 6, as part of Sony’s Mid-Year Deals Sale on the PlayStation Store.

People also ask

What game modes will be available in Chivalry 2?

Last Team Standing, a big round-based battle mode, and Brawl, a close-quarters harsh challenge in the Great Hall or Rudhelm Feast Chivalry 2 maps, are among the new game types. These are joined by the new Rapier weapon and a plethora of new carryables such as breakable bottles and chairs.

Will there be a survivor mode in Chivalry 2?

Battered and bloodied: Fight even if you’re missing limbs or are downed and gasping for air. Chivalry 2 is about surviving against all odds and, if you do die, having the opportunity to die in style.

Is it possible to turn off the gore in Chivalry 2?

Excellent game. Gore can be disabled so that decapitated heads seem as cabbages and no blood is visible

Chivalry 2’s New Midsommar Event
Chivalry 2’s New Midsommar Event

Will cavalry appear in Chivalry 2?

Mounted combat will be an important new element to the Chivalry series, allowing players to deploy new cavalry strategies. In an ideal world, participants would be able to ride their mounts to the jousting arena and settle disputes honourably.

Is there an offline mode in Chivalry 2?

Sorry, lone players: There is no single-player campaign in Chivalry 2. The only way to play solo or offline is to use the game’s practice mode. Aside from that, the game is totally devoted to online multiplayer action. Chivalry 2 is now available on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Is Chivalry 2 a good offline game?

Despite the name, Chivalry 2 cannot be played offline at the moment. Attempting to launch the game without an online connection will result in a login error at the first screen, blocking progression to the main menu, which contains the mode selection.


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