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Raid Weekends were introduced to the COC community with the Clan Capital update. These are clan events that are accessible via the events page and are similar to Clan War Leagues. With the introduction of Raid Weekends, the Raid Medals entered the fray. Many people were left wondering how to obtain Raid Medals in Clash of Clans. Check out this guide because we’ve got you covered.

Raid Weekends, as previously stated, are identical to Clan War Leagues. The sole distinction is that Raid Weekends award Raid Medals, but the CWL awards League Medals that can be spent in the League Shop. Raid Medals can be obtained in two methods; here’s how to get them in COC

Clash Of Clans
Clash Of Clans

Throughout the Raid Weekend, you will receive five initial attacks. When you successfully 3-star a Clan District, you will receive an additional attack. You must attack and get the greatest possible outcome in each of them, as this decides how many Raid Medals you receive from the Attack Log.

Clash Of Clans
Clash Of Clans

The Defense Log of the Weekend is the second way to obtain Medals. Your defence is as effective as many others.

The number of successful defences made by your Clan will be rewarded with Raid Medals, which will be distributed equitably among the members.

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The awards will be distributed only at the conclusion of the Raid Weekend. As a result, if you’re hunting for the Medals in the middle, you won’t be able to get them.

The Leader or Co-Leader designs the clan’s defence layout, therefore your effective defence may not be totally in your control.

The Medals can be used to buy resources and Magic Items in the Trader’s Shop, as well as to replenish your Clan Castle troops.

That’s all you need to know about getting Raid Medals in Clash of Clans. Since you’re here, be sure to read through our guides, tips, and tricks on Gaming Vitals.

People also ask

Coc, how do you obtain Raid Medals?

Clans raid the capitals of other Clans during Raid Weekends to win Capital Gold and Raid Medals. Clan players utilize Clan Capital Troops and Spells to defeat the capitals of other Clans. Raid Weekends are held every week, commencing on Friday and concluding on Monday of the following week.

How do I obtain Capital Gold coc?

The Forge is the principal source of Capital Gold. This is a new item that you will receive automatically if you are at Town Hall level 6 at the time the new update arrives, or whenever you reach it. You can assign jobs here that will earn you tiny sums of Capital Gold every day.

Clash Of Clans
Clash Of Clans

How do I add Facebook friends to my clash of clans account?

Invite your Clash of Clans pals to join your clan. After you’ve linked your Facebook and Game Center accounts, you can invite your Facebook and Game Center pals to join your clan. In Clash of Clans, tap the Trophy button, then the “Friends” tab. Tap the name of the person you wish to invite.

How are Raid Medals calculated?

Calculation of Raid Medals

Defensive Raid Medals are awarded based on the quantity of dwelling space destroyed by defences. Simply destroying one troop is enough to begin accumulating the bonus. Offensive Raid Medals are awarded based on the number of Districts destroyed by the Clan during Raid Weekends.

What is the function of clan capital?

The Clan Capital is divided by various Districts. In the Forge, you convert Home Village and Builder Base resources into Capital Gold. The Capital Gold is then used to contribute to buildings in the Districts. Check out the Builder Menu to see which buildings your Clan can and is currently upgrading.

Did the clash of clans shorten the construction time?

Almost every building in the game has had its upgrade time reduced, in some cases by at least half. The Town Hall level 4, for example, will require only eight hours to upgrade to the next level, as opposed to 16 hours previously.

How does the forge function in Clan Wars?

The Forge is a brand new building that unlocks at Town Hall level 6 and is located next to the Air Ship that transports you to your Clan Capital. Every day, this construction allows you to produce and collect modest amounts of Capital Gold, the resource required to upgrade your Capital structures.

In COC, what is the highest clan level?

Clans can be improved beyond level 10, but no new perks are presently available.

Why are walls less expensive in Clash of Clans?

Because Supercell decided to make upgrading easier for you.

In clash of clans, how can you acquire a big dragon?

The Giant Dragon is housed in the Dragon Cave, which appears in the final level, Dragon’s Lair. It works similarly to the Goblin Castle, spawning the Giant Dragon anytime a player’s force approaches it. When the Dragon Cave is destroyed, it uses the texture of the destroyed Clan Castle.

What is the cost of maxing out CoC?

The entire cost of upgrading everything in Clash of Clans is 1,688,882 gems, which works out to $12,068.77.


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