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You’ll enjoy Banana Kong 2 if you enjoy retro platformers. This game is a lot of fun, and it’s also one of the best illustrations of how mods can enhance the gameplay on an emulator or game console. To help you get the most out of this compelling game, we’ll show you how to download and set up Banana Kong 2 mods on your Android device in this article.

Banana Kong 2: What is it?

Popular smartphone game Banana Kong was released in 2016. The game’s goal is to assist the player in gathering as many bananas as they can while avoiding obstacles.

The most recent update and relaunch of the game occurred in 2018. Banana Kong 2 is the most recent iteration of the game, and it includes more challenges, bigger levels, and more bananas.

Banana Kong 2 is undoubtedly worth checking out if you’re searching for a hard mobile game that will keep you occupied for hours on end.

Swing, run, jump, and bounce.

You may leap, sprint, and swing your way to success in the entertaining and addictive video game Banana Kong.

One of the three beautiful monkeys that must jump, run, and bounce their way through the levels of Banana Kong is you. The objective is to gather as many bananas as you can while avoiding dangers and adversaries.

You’ll need quick reflexes and agility to move across challenging platforms and stay clear of lethal spikes. Don’t forget the banana bonus goods either; they’ll help you succeed in your mission.

The action-packed video game Banana Kong will keep you occupied for hours on end. Starting today, leap, run, and swing!

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Games’ Features

The entertaining and compulsive game Banana Kong will captivate you right away. You take on the role of a monkey that must scale the banana tower in order to get as many bananas as possible. The more bananas you can gather the higher you climb.

The game has a variety of playable modes that can be used to up the challenge or make the game last longer. Banana Kong is a fun and addictive game that will keep you engaged for a very long time due to the multiple achievements that can be obtained.

Your animal companions are all back.

With a brand-new Mod Apk, Banana Kong is back and you can now collect an infinite number of bananas! You will be able to make new animal companions as you progress through the game.

 Banana Kong 2
Banana Kong 2

This new Banana Kong Mod Apk features five distinct worlds, each with its own set of difficulties. You must move as far as you can while avoiding risks and obstacles while gathering bananas.

You need look no further than Banana Kong if you’re searching for a difficult but enjoyable mobile game. All players can enjoy a tonne of fun and infinite bananas thanks to our mod apk.

Perform brand-new missions.

A brand-new and entertaining puzzle game called Banana Kong uses bananas as its primary puzzle component. By directing all of the bananas toward the exit, you can assist the banana king in getting to his castle.

You can perform a number of different quests to receive rewards. Some of the tasks involve clearing a predetermined number of blocks in a predetermined amount of time, collecting a predetermined number of bananas consecutively, or destroying a predetermined number of blocks.

In general, Banana Kong is a fun and difficult game that will keep you engaged for a very long time. It has a brand-new mission mode with a tonne of obstacles for you to overcome.

very lively game

The incredibly dynamic and captivating video game Banana Kong will keep you fascinated from the very beginning. You must collect a variety of bananas in the game in order to advance. You’ll need to avoid the enemies and obstacles that are in your path.

The game is ideal for anyone because the controls are straightforward and quick to master. As you complete each level, you’ll get a strong sense of satisfaction because to the excellent graphics.

 Banana Kong 2
Banana Kong 2

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Obtaining the mod apk

You must first install the Android App Store on your smartphone before you can download the Banana Kong mod apk.
Open the Android App Store, perform a search for “Banana Kong,” and then select the mod apk from the list of results to install.

You may access all of Banana Kong’s features after installing the mod apk without having to use real money or coins.

Gameplay for Banana Kong 2

A timeless puzzle game called Banana Kong was initially made available on Android in 2012. The game’s goal is to assist the monkey in gathering as many bananas as he can while avoiding obstacles and crazy birds.

It is not surprising that the sequel has gained even greater popularity as the first Banana Kong was one of the most played Android games of all time.

 Banana Kong 2
Banana Kong 2

You must download the Mod Apk from the Google Play Store in order to play Banana Kong 2. You won’t need to pay any money to play the game once you’ve downloaded the Mod Apk.

The Mod Apk includes all of the components of the original game in addition to several more obstacles and weaponry. Downloading Banana Kong 2 is highly recommended if you’re seeking for a difficult puzzle game that is also free to play.

Playing advice for Banana Kong 2

The well-known Android game Banana Kong 2 lets you take control of one of several monkeys attempting to gather every banana. To ascend the tower and reach the summit is the goal of the game.

You must touch and drag the banana images around the screen with your fingertips to play Banana Kong 2. You can go on to the following column if you have collected all of the bananas in one column.

In Banana Kong 2, there are multiple alternative paths to success. You can attempt to jump over barriers or scale the tower as high as you can. Try to gather additional things like coins or power-ups to earn more points.

Please feel free to refer to our Banana Kong 2 playing advice if you are having problems with the game. You will improve as a player and win more games with the help of our tips!


The new Banana Kong 2 mod apk is perfect for fans of the original Banana Kong game. There is no need to worry about running out of bananas while playing because this software provides you with an infinite supply. The best part is that you may download this mod apk for free and immediately begin playing the game.

People also ask

Is Banana Kong 2 available?

Banana Kong 2 (BK2) is an endless side-scrolling platformer in which the objective is to advance as far as you can while navigating increasingly challenging obstacles and faster moving vehicles. It is a sequel to the first BK, as the name implies.

How does banana run work?

Game of Bananas on Lag

While you sprint and jump from platform to platform, gather some delicious bananas. It’s game over if you hit an obstacle or fall between two gaps. Assist this adorable and entertaining monkey in gathering as many bananas as you can to earn a good score.

In Banana Kong, how many missions are there?

Banana Kong Blast has 48 vibrant levels in total.

Describe a banana run.
A well-known endless runner game is Banana Run. Gain as many points as you can by running, jumping, gathering cash and bananas, and dodging obstacles.


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