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Conan Exiles is getting a significant expansion later in 2022 and is more well-liked than ever. However, this has a lot of fans wondering if the terrible survival game would finally receive cross-platform compatibility. Let’s check for support first for those of you who have friends who use different platforms before you start turning off the intro cinematic.

Conan Exiles has cross-platform and cross-play, right?

The solution is not as obvious as we would like. No, there is not cross-platform support, to put it simply. For instance, Xbox gamers and PlayStation players cannot play together on the same system. Having said that, users of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can play with those of Steam and Epic. The same is true for Xbox.

Conan Exiles cross-platform
Conan Exiles cross-platform

In the gaming business, cross-platform play is becoming more widespread. However, the biggest obstacles are typically businesses who are unwilling to collaborate or potential licencing issues. Robert E. Howard created the enormously acclaimed Conan the Barbarian television series.

There have been a number of copyright and trademark litigation, perhaps even as a result of his fame. Exiles’ absence of crossplay may be caused by licencing concerns, but this is just conjecture because the developer hasn’t made any comments on the topic other than a 2017 FAQ article claiming that there were no plans for crossplay between PC and Xbox One.

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People also ask

Conan Exiles: 2022 is it cross-platform?

Conan Exiles does not support cross-platform play, but Funcom has stated that they are looking into the possibilities of doing so in the future. It is definitely possible because the game has various features that support cross-platform play, such as the ability to transfer save data between systems.
Conan Exiles cross-platform
Conan Exiles cross-platform

Conan Exiles will it ever be Crossplay?

Conan Exiles, however, does not in any way support cross-platform multiplayer. You cannot play the game with your pals on a console if you are playing it on a PC. Additionally, even between systems, a PlayStation 4 player and an Xbox One player cannot compete in the same game.

What games can Xbox One and PS4 play together?

Nobody’s Sky.
Legends in World of Warships.
11. Mortal Kombat
NBA 2K20.
Remastered Sniper Elite V2

Where can I play Conan Exiles on the Xbox?

Make sure you’re signed in with the account you use on your Xbox console if the game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Can I add an Xbox friend to my PS4?

No, you cannot use Xbox to send a friend request to a PS4 user. You probably won’t be able to add them as a friend on Xbox ever.

Is Steam’s Conan Exiles a cross-platform epic game?

“@DerFalscher Epic Game Store and Steam will use the same servers so you may play together,” CONAN EXILES wrote on Twitter. and Twitter.

How can I make PS4 cross-play available?

Friends can be added quickly and effortlessly between PS4, Xbox One, and PC when crossplay is enabled. Enable crossplay by going to the account tab in the preferences window. No matter what platform your friends use, you can play Call of Duty: Warzone with them if crossplay is enabled.


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