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Do you like the idea of remodelling? Do you long for a blank canvas on which to re-create your perfect house design? Are you seeking for a casual mobile game that allows you to live out your interior design ideas in a fun, relaxed setting where you may experiment with different furniture and décor designs whatever you want? Then you should play Decor Life.

Decor Life combines a set of simple and easily mastered mechanics with a vast array of unique spaces, furniture items, and design objects to provide all of the enjoyable aspects of moving and decorating without any of the real-life headache and hard labour.

Decor Life - Home Design Game - Apps on Google Play



Homes, sweet homes: a vast and ever-expanding range of rooms to work on, each with its own distinct mood and personality. Try again and again to find the best restoration solutions for each room. Choose your furniture and décor options, then move them around the room until you find the perfect position for them.

Decor Life - Home Design Game - Apps on Google Play


Outside the box

Decor Life is a game that chronicles the refurbishment process from beginning to end. Begin by separating the furniture and belongings of the previous, unrenovated room into the appropriate boxes, then proceed to choosing home design options, unboxing and positioning furniture, and lastly unpacking and arranging new decorative objects and valuables in the redecorated room.

No judgement

Are you unsure about your taste in house design? In Decor Life, there are no correct answers and no one to correct your selections at the conclusion of each level. You get to choose the styles and furnishings you want and measure their success on your own terms, so there’s nothing stopping you from relaxing and enjoying yourself to the fullest by letting your design fantasies run wild.

Decor Life - Home Design Game Mobile Game | Gameplay Android & Apk - YouTube


There’s a place for everything

You never know what you’re going to find when it comes to unboxing. Can you figure out where to put a drum set, a safe, a gorgeous still life, or any number of other distinctive and individual items that need a home in your new room?

The home design map appears wherever you are on the map. There’s no requirement to play levels in order; you can decorate wherever you choose in the game by exploring all of the different rooms on the map.



Allow your imagination to run wild in this inventive and unique decorating game, where you may create your own interior choices and admire the results of your design labours in a calm and open gameplay environment.

Home Design & Decor : Modern House Life - download game | TapTap


Table of Contents

Pros and Cons

  • There is just too much unsightly furniture (cheap-looking, brightly coloured plastic objects, pointless or out-of-place goods
  • The advertisements are really too invasive. It’s crazy to be interrupted by an ad every minute. Furthermore, the option to eliminate the adverts is prohibitively pricey for such a simple game.
  • The game is fantastic, BUT!! The advertisements are terrible.. there’s an ad every few seconds.. there’s an ad after a few taps.. AND most of the ads are unskippable.
  • The game is enjoyable and entertaining.
  • A lot of enjoyment, relaxation, and addictiveness
  • The colours and characters are adorable, and the game’s overall premise is fantastic.
  • The trailer for the game’s plot could not be more misleading. You are unable to store items or dispose of outdated furnishings.


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