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The fact that Earth Survival places you in a scaled-down replica of the real world makes it one of the most well-liked SMP (Survival Multiplayer) game genres in Minecraft. Most of the time, the in-game mechanics will let you make claims to land and carry out other aspects of your desire to rule the world on a map the size of Minecraft. Our picks for the top Minecraft Earth servers are listed below.


You can build empires and engage in combat with other players in Earth MC, which uses a town and nation structure and may be the first and original Earth SMP experience. This is undoubtedly one of the weirdest servers you will ever encounter, and it must be seen to be believed.

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Earth Minecraft Servers
Earth Minecraft Servers

Country’s Glory

Nation’s Glory, a PvP-based Earth server, is where you should go if you want battle and roleplaying to cap off your Earth SMP experience. This interactive Minecraft game allows you to create nations, engage in diplomacy, or wage war.

MelonSMP is a friendly and lively community with a more laid-back Earth map than some of the more extreme alternatives you’ll discover. An excellent way to enjoy all the excitement of Earth SMP without having to deal with the ongoing battles and claiming competitions you could find on servers with a stronger focus on fighting.

SMP Kiwi

The Earth Survival map on Kiwi SMP, another excellent server for a chill atmosphere, may be overshadowed by the community’s weekly Discord activities. However, if you give this classic Minecraft Earth experience a shot, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate it.

Earth Minecraft Servers
Earth Minecraft Servers


CraftYourTown is a Towny Earth server that makes use of both the Earth map and the Towny ruleset. This is a more regimented Earth experience with more rules and applications. You will, however, be shielded from some of the bizarre features of Earth SMP, such as griefing and unforeseen attacks.

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What is the LifeSteal SMP’s IP address?

The LifeSteal SMP Minecraft Server’s server IP address is Use this IP address to access the LifeSteal SMP Minecraft Server and begin playing right now.

Which Minecraft servers have the finest addresses?

Brawl. URL for the Java Server: The best Minecraft server is Hypixel. Performium’s Java server address is Address for the Java Server: . …
MineHeroes. Address of the Java Server: . Mineplex, Roleplay-Hub, SkyBlock Network, and Pixelmon on PocketPixel.

LifeSteal SMP’s owner?

Serverliste – Aternos Community: LifeSteal SMP (Official)Approved by LifeSteal SMP owner (Parrot)
Earth Minecraft Servers
Earth Minecraft Servers

SMP stands for what?

The term “sexual marketplace,” or SMP, is frequently used in the “manosphere” or in dialogues where men predominate. AFC, MGTOW, and NAWALT are related terms.

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