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If you want to make a Recovery Compass, you’ll need Echo Shards. Although it is a resource with a “common” rarity, obtaining it might be tough. On save you time, here’s a quick guide to finding Echo Shards in Minecraft.

Where Can I Get Echo Shards in Minecraft?

To find Echo Shards, players must visit an Ancient City, which is a structure in the Overworld’s Deep Dark biome. You can locate loot boxes here that you must open to obtain Echo Shards (this is the only location where you can obtain them).
If you haven’t already visited the Deep Dark, here’s some information on it. It’s a dimly lit cave biome that grows underground and is currently the only habitat where you can find Ancient Cities. So, if you stumble across Sculk blocks, Sculk veins, Shriekers, Catalysts, or Sensors while exploring, you are in the Deep Dark.

Echo Shards In Minecraft
Echo Shards In Minecraft


Be cautious because, despite the fact that there are no mobs in this biome, you should avoid provoking a Sculk Shrieker. If this occurs several times, the Warden will emerge and grant you the Darkness effect.
Aside from Sculk Catalysts and Lava, there won’t be much natural light in this area.
So, as soon as you arrive in this biome, examine several chests for more than a few Echo Shards.

What Should You Do With Echo Shards?

As of present, Echo Shards are only used as a crafting resource to create the Recovery Compass. It’s useful since it displays you where you died last so you can go back and grab your dropped things. However, there is a chance that the Echo Shards will have more applications in the future. We will keep you updated if this occurs.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to finding and obtaining Echo Shards in Minecraft. Check out our Gaming Vitals guides for more up-to-date information about the game.

Echo Shards In Minecraft
Echo Shards In Minecraft

People also ask

In Minecraft, how can you get echo shards?

The Echo Shard is found at random by looting chests scattered across Ancient Cities in Deep Dark Biomes

In Minecraft, what does a recovery compass do?

The recovery compass will take you back to your old loot by pointing you in the direction of the last spot you died. They’re very beneficial after spending hours investigating just to be defeated by a huge Creeper or a particularly steep cliff.

Echo Shards In Minecraft
Echo Shards In Minecraft

What exactly is an Echo Shard?

The Echo Shard is a new item that looks like an amethyst shard but is black and dark aqua in colour. These things can occasionally be found in Ancient City chest loots. Players can explore the Deep Dark biome, locate one of these constructions, and look for these shards.

How do you make a lodestone compass in Minecraft?

Steps to make a Lodestone Compass
Place the Lodestone. First, go to the dimension that you want the Lodestone Compass to work in (Overworld, Nether, or End) and place the Lodestone block. …
Select the Compass in the hot bar. …
Use the Compass on the Lodestone. …
Lodestone Compass will point to the Lodestone.

Minecraft, how does lodestone work?

Lodestones and compasses can be used in Minecraft to help players find their way back to a location after becoming lost in the Nether. Because it functions on magnetic pull, a compass will always point towards a Lodestone. These stones function in the Nether, End, and Overworld.

Echo Shards In Minecraft
Echo Shards In Minecraft

How does one go about creating a Minecraft paper?

Making paper in Minecraft is a breeze. Simply arrange three sugar canes in the center row of the crafting grid. This will provide you with paper!

What exactly is Echo Minecraft?

Echo is a Minecraft Dungeons enchantment. When attacking is applied to an item, it executes two attacks followed by a cooldown period. The player can still conduct a single attack during this cooldown period. The player can utilise echo again after the cooldown period is ended.

Echo Shards In Minecraft
Echo Shards In Minecraft


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