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Elden Ring has a large open world with very rich backstory. As you go, you will unearth and investigate the mysteries of the Lands Between in order to restore order. Destined Death is a plot element that determines the fate of multiple characters. If you haven’t finished the game yet, we’ll go over the main plot and endings in this guide. As a result, you can anticipate a slew of spoilers. Here’s our guide explaining what Destined Death is in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

What is Death’s Destiny in Elden Ring?

Death, as you may have heard, has many forms. While Destined Death is important to the story, you can also use it. Maliketh’s Black Blade, a Colossal sword, has it as its default weapon skill. But first, you must defeat Maliketh, the Black Blade, and obtain its Remembrance.

Maliketh will drop the Remembrance of the Black Blade and 220,000 Runes once you beat him at the Crumbling Farum Azula. If you can’t find him, see our guide on where to find Maliketh, the Black Blade.
You can exchange the Remembrance for a weapon or an incantation with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.
You can even get your hands on the remembrance at the Walking Mausoleum.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring


To obtain the weapon, go to the Roundtable Hold and, while interacting with Enia, select the “unlock its power” option

As previously stated, the Black Blade’s default weapon skill is Destined Death.
You now have the ability to inflict Destined Death on your opponents.
The Black Blade decreases the HP of the selected adversary by 10% and consumes 40 FP.
This Colossal sword deals Holy Damage and can be increased with a variety of consumables.
To deal extra damage, stack Destined Death with Golden Vow or Flame Grant Me Strength.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

People also ask

Is Elden Ring a free game?

One Elden Ring player imagines what the game would look like if From Software decided to make it free to play. Elden Ring is a full-priced game without microtransactions or loot boxes.
Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Is Elden Ring included in Dark Souls?

Elden Ring photo result
Let’s get right to the point: No, Elden Ring is not technically a Dark Souls game because it is not a sequel, prequel, or spin-off of Dark Souls. However, this is a hard subject with numerous intricacies and details.
Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Why is Elden Ring so well-liked?

Crafting, levelling up, and combat trees are all available in the open world. Button presses do the same functions, and big-budget gaming has melted into a bland, homogenized mass. Elden Ring has grown in popularity by honing its fundamental promise and offering something radically distinct from its competitors.

What is the significance of the Elden Ring story?

The Elden Ring narrative goes as follows: the Lands Between were blessed by the Greater Will (an unknowable god fascinated with Order over Chaos), who sent down the Elden Ring — a magical artefact that reshaped the Lands Between according to its desires

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring has how much GB?

Surprisingly, the amount of storage required for Elden Ring varies by platform. On the PS5 and PS4, Elden Ring takes up slightly about 45 GB (44.47 and 44.94, respectively). The Xbox will require 49 GB of storage space, while PCs will demand 60 GB.

Elden Ring will have how many bosses?

While Elden Ring features over a hundred monsters to battle, the game has 12 obligatory bosses to finish the plot.

Is Elden Ring a Bloodborne sequel?

Elden Ring has been a resounding success for From Software, and the genre has now entered the mainstream. Instead of a sequel, we believe it is time for a long-awaited return to Bloodborne’s world to give it the attention it deserves.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Is Elden Ring a follow-up to Dark Souls 3?

Despite the obvious similarities, Elden Ring is neither a sequel, prequel, series spin-off, or equivalent expansion of the Dark Souls franchise.

Is Elden Ring associated with Bloodborne?

Players can get an item that will increase Elden Ring’s methodical combat style, effectively enabling a Bloodborne mode in the game. Some Elden Ring players may be startled to learn that there is an item that, in essence, transforms the game into Bloodborne.

What exactly is the deity in Elden Ring?

The Outer God of order is the Greater Will. It brought order to the Lands Between by establishing the Elden Ring and bestowing it on Queen Marika the Eternal. It also bestowed grace on the people of the Lands Between through the Erd tree.

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