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ARK Survival has brought a slew of new content with the release of a new expansion map, Fjordur. Players are perplexed about where to locate significant resources because each expansion alters various things. Element Ore, Element Shards, and Ambergris are among these goods. While Element Shards and Ore are required to power Tek-type armour and munitions, Ambergis is required to feed newborn Magmasaurs. So, let’s embark on a deep-sea hunt. Here’s where to find Element Shards, Ore, and Ambergris in ARK Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur
Ark Fjordur

Element Shards, Ore, and Ambergris Locations in ARK Fjordur

These resources, as well as other natural wealth, can be found in Swamp Island’s deep waters. You only need to dive underwater with an Aquatic tame or mount. Also, before you dive in, make sure you have a full set of Scuba gear. Take the following steps:

Ark Fjordur
Ark Fjordur

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Explore the depths of the ocean and look for a hole near some scar-like rocks.
This hole’s coordinates are LAT 52.0 – LON 16.4. Go directly inside the hole and explore it further.
You’ve arrived at the sea floor when you observe glowy creatures and squids from a distance. This sea bed’s coordinates are LAT 51.5 – LON 10.8.

There’s also a chance you’ll run into Mossasaurus over there. So, be wary of sea creatures because they can both stun and deplete your health.
When you get to the bottom, you’ll see a glowing sea bed surrounded by a diversity of components.
You must dig and destroy the purple-glowing rocks to obtain the Element Ores.
Gather the Ambergis and Element shards nearby as you examine the surrounding items.
In addition, there are plenty of Flint, Metal, Stones, and other items.
You can acquire and harvest more resources in this area with the Tek Stryder.

That’s all there is to it for where to discover Element shards, Ore, and Ambergris in ARK Fjordur. . Check out our different courses in case you loved this one.

People also ask

In ARK, where can you discover element shards?

On Genesis: Part 1, you can get Element Shards by ascending the volcano’s slopes in the Volcano biome. They are mined from red crystals discovered along the trails leading to the volcano’s summit. Finding them can be dangerous, especially if the volcano erupts while you’re there.

In ARK, where can I find element ore?

Small, dark boulders with a purple crystal inside can be mined for Element Ore. These stones can be discovered both on the ground and in the Grave of the Lost. They may also be found in Crystal Isles by entering the enormous bee cave, then swimming down to a hidden tunnel near the back of the cave.
Ark Fjordur
Ark Fjordur

Where can I make shards of an element?

Element Shard is a resource that may be created by trading 1x Element for 100x Element Shards in the Tek Replicator. Element Dust can be used to make Unstable Element Shards, which will eventually convert into Element Shards.

In Ark, what is the best technique to farm element dust?

The best way to obtain Element Dust is to kill the Extinction Defense Units and Enforcers, as they yield a great quantity when harvested, especially with a Chainsaw.
Ark Fjordur
Ark Fjordur

Is it possible to transform element dust into element in a replicator?

No, only in airports.

Is it possible to make element dust?

Element is obtained through locating and defending the Element Nodes scattered around the Wasteland. Element Dust can then be manufactured in a City Terminal by breaking down (at an 80 percent loss) Element and its shards into 200 and 2 dust each, respectively.

Is it possible to turn element shards into element?

In a Tek replicator, element shards can be transformed to element. It cost one element to activate it. Element shards are frequently found in Tek generators, cloning, and Tek skiff.

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