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Enigmite Prophecy is a new game that mashes up the best of action, adventure and puzzle gaming genres. So overall it is awesome anime art style of fun game and cross between Empires & Puzzles and League Of Pantheons. Below in the article we have shared the Enigmite Prophecy tier list that you can view directly and understand the flow of powers.

Players take control of an intrepid hero who must solve mind-bending puzzles, battle fierce enemies and uncover the mystery of the enigmites – a race of strange creatures that have been unleashed upon the world!

With its unique blend of gameplay elements, Enigmite is sure to challenge and entertain gamers of all ages. So put on your thinking cap and get ready for some serious puzzle-solving action!

What is Tier list in Enigmite prophecy?

As tier lists are often used in gaming to rank characters, weapons, powers, or other elements of the game according to their usefulness or effectiveness. They can be helpful in designing new strategies or selecting which character or weapon to use.

However, tier lists should be used with caution, as they are based on opinions and may not always reflect the true power or usefulness of a character or weapon.

Enigmite prophecy tier list

Top tier

  • Freyja (Healing Power)
  • Wisla
  • Deadly magical enchantment


  • Hino Satoshi
  • Mark Assessinate
  • Arai Satomi
  • Sky Island
  • The Forgotten Land


  • Spar & Guild Dungeon
  • Guinevere


  • EXP
  • Dodge
  • Crit
  • Ressiliance
  • Castanica
  • Cala’s Journey
  • The Memory Corridor

More Things to Know About Enigmite Prophecy

Enigmite Prophecy is an Android game developed by Century Games Publishing. It is a puzzle game where players must use logic and deduction to solve various puzzles. The game features over 100 different levels, each with its own unique challenge.

Gameplay of Enigmite Prophecy

The gameplay of Enigmite Prophecy is similar to that of other puzzle games such as Sudoku. However, the game features a unique twist in that players must also use deduction to solve the puzzles. This makes the game more challenging and interesting than other puzzle games.

Graphics and Soundtrack of Enigmite Prophecy

The graphics of Enigmite Prophecy are impressive and the game’s soundtrack is also quite good. The game is well worth checking out for fans of puzzle games.

More to Know about Tier List of Enigmite Prophecy

The tier list of Enigmite Prophecy is very valueable as it predicts the way you should play this game and win every game.

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