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Survivor Diary 1.0.2 APK is a free game for Android 4.4 and higher. Survivor Diary is an adventure game that you may play for free. It’s simple to download and set up on your phone.
Please be aware that Apk Plz only share the original and free apk installer for Survivor Diary 1.0.2 APKs, and that we do not modify or edit the apk files in any way.


Survivor Diary v1.0.2 MOD APK - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps

On the Play Store, the average rating is 4.80 out of 5 stars. If you want to learn more about Survivor Diary, go to the Krikarcher support centre.

All of the apps and games on this page are intended for personal or home use. Please email us if any of the apk downloads infringe on your copyright. The developer Krikarcher owns the rights to Survivor Diary and is the owner of the trademark.

“Survivor Diary” is a roguelike-style survival action game.

On the plains, where there is nowhere to hide, you will encounter thousands of adversaries and must destroy them in order to gain gold coins and prizes. Then, when your adversaries get more powerful, update your weaponry to deal with them, such as tide-like enemies.

Users discuss their positive and negative experiences after playing the game.

It’s a fantastic game. The only issue is that it is quite buggy, with some assaults, like as the onion, being extremely useful while others, such as the whip and knifes, are completely useless. When you watch a commercial, the upgrades don’t match the checkboxes, and the text is glitchy. The weaponry upgrade system is equally perplexing.

Survivor Diary for Android - APK Download


This game is a shoddy rip-off of Vampire Survivors, replete with advertisements to make revenue. Vampire Survivors is a £2 game with no advertisements and improved gameplay. This is a near-identical duplicate with minimal changes. Graphics and music have been stolen. Disgusting . Can’t believe someone would steal this from these incredible Devs that are always willing to help…

Survival diary Download APK for Android (Free) |

The ad film includes gameplay footage from the game ‘Magic Survival,’ as well as pixel artwork. Nice try, and the game is decent, but it’s heavily influenced by Magic Survival.

Great game, but could you provide sound settings, as well as a means to adjust or lock the joystick? It’s a little touchy, and dragging your finger across the screen still reacts as if you’re back at the beginning.

This game should not be downloaded. They plagiarised the work of another game developer. TWICE with this game, and both times it was the same creator, they grabbed video from the dev’s mobile game Magic Survival, made it 20 times worse, and then took everything else from their PC game Vampire Survival.

Please go to Steam and help the real developer of Vampire Survivors. It’s a complete rip-off in this version. If you really want to see a working android version, go help the developer who is working on transferring the genuine game to mobile.


The Survivalists - Survival Diary - Log 1 - Team17 Digital LTD - The Spirit Of Independent Games

Online games, false advertisements, and a plethora of advertisements

This is a Vampire Survivors/Magic Survival rip-off containing stolen assets, therefore don’t install it. They make money from pirating other developers’ work by including in-game purchases. Play the actual game, Poncle’s Vampire Survivors!

Allow users to pay to get the ad removed.

Unofficial (stolen) graphics, music, sound effects, and gameplay copied from Poncle’s “Vampire Survivors” on Steam. It’s a disgrace, and it’s been reported for removal. The official mobile port will be available very shortly.

Basically a Vampire Survivors clone.

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