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My Tamagotchi Forever is all about caring for and, more importantly, evolving your Tamagotchis, just like the original Tamagotchi game, in which you would carry around a tiny gadget with a lovely creature within.

But here, you can truly have a tonne of Tamagotchis, unlike in the original. When you consider that every stage of evolution has unique requirements, things become a little more challenging.

Depending on the Tamagotchi you want it to develop into, certain stages even have different requirements. Fortunately for you, we have put together this guide to assist you in completing every evolution in the game. Enjoy!

Tamagotchi Baby Evolutions

tamagotchi in my tamagotchi forever
tamagotchi in my tamagotchi forever

To obtain a baby Tamagotchi, you must hatch an egg, but there is nothing you can do to guarantee the child is a particular Tamagotchi.

However, it doesn’t really matter because if you follow the instructions we’ll provide later, you can develop your baby into any Tamagotchi.

These three infants can emerge from an egg:

Omututchi \Futabtachi \Mimifuwatchi

Tamagotchi Evolutions for children
The intriguing part begins here: based on what you feed your baby, it will develop into one of the four toddlers.

The entire procedure lasts almost four hours. The infant has to be fed the following to develop into its corresponding toddler:

Melons: Meganetchi
Puchitchi desserts Mizutamatchi seafood
Hoshitchi: Nothing

Tamagotchi Teen Evolutions
Then, you can give your toddler specific foods to help it develop into a different teenager. However, this one takes a whopping 36 hours, which is much longer than the previous stage.

You must feed your toddler the following to help it develop into the appropriate teen:

tamagotchi in my tamagotchi forever
tamagotchi in my tamagotchi forever

Fruit: Nikatchi Vegetables: Hinatchi Sweets: Eriitchi Meat: Soyofuwatchi Snacks: Mokokotchi

Tamagotchi Evolutions as adults
When your Tamagotchi evolves into an adult, things get a little more challenging because you need to give your teen a variety of foods.

Gozarutchi is particularly challenging since it involves more than just food. However, we’ll go into more depth about this below.

Get to work; this procedure takes three days to complete. What you need to accomplish to obtain each evolution is as follows:

Fruit and seafood: Chamametchi
Fruits, vegetables, and bananas: Kikitchi
Kuchipatchi is fast food.
Fruit and meat: koramametchi
Lamb and sweets: Lovelitchi
Meat and seafood: Mametchi
Memetchi mainly snacks, a little fruit
Vegetables and snacks: Neliatchi
Fruits and various snacks predominate: Sebiretchi
Seafood and produce are Gozarutchi (keeping your teen’s energy green and putting the Training Course item in TamaTown also helps).

People also ask

How can I get my Tamagotchi to evolve?

If certain requirements are met, the user may also purposefully initiate evolution. A Tamagotchi can change into a different form by being overfed, underfed, failing to pay attention to requests for attention, being married, and using certain objects.

How can your Tamagotchi level up more quickly?

Feed, wash, and offer rest to your Tamagotchi in order to level up. Your profile is levelled up by all of these actions. Tamatown: Step outdoors, select an item, and add it to your Tamatown by tapping the pencil-shaped button (located in the bottom right). Once finished, tap it to record the special moment.

How can I permanently install Mametchi on my Tamagotchi?

Smart Tamagotchi

Mametchi can be obtained by playing any TamaWork game 15+ times with 2-3 care mistakes, or it can be obtained from any male teen with 0-1 care mistakes.

How may one obtain a Mokokotchi Tamagotchi for all time?

Tamagotchi My Way Forever

You can get Mokokotchi by giving any toddler-stage character snacks.


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