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In Scarlet & Violet, levelling up your Pokemon might be a challenge. But don’t worry; the game has various strategies you may employ to gain significantly more experience than by fighting wild Pokemon at random. Therefore, read this Exp Farming tutorial to learn how to level up your Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet to 100.

How to Level Up Your Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet to Level 100

You can quickly level up your Pokemon to 100 by making it hold a Lucky egg and battling. There are effectively only two main ways for you to level up your Pokemon to 100. The first is battling trainers and wild Pokemon. And the second is by feeding them Exp Candy.

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Additionally, you can give them rare candies to level them up by one level right away. However, as their name suggests, they are hard to find. It is therefore advisable to conserve them for the final few stages. This is so because you can level up much more quickly between levels 81 and 90 than between levels 91 and 100. It is therefore advisable to reserve your Rare candies for the final few levels.

Here are the three methods for raising your Pokemon’s level to 100.

Pokemon battles

Pokemon battles are a good way to level up quickly, but there’s a catch—you shouldn’t fight every Pokemon you encounter. You can take these few steps to level up and confront Pokemon most effectively.

Gym leaders: The first thing you should do after winning the title is return to all 8 gyms and defeat the leaders there once more. You can then access the Academy Ace Tournament by doing this.
Challenge the Academy Ace Tournament: Once unlocked, you can take on this Tournament as often as you’d like to farm experience points and quickly earn money.
Battle wild Chansey and Blissey: Chansey and Blissey are two Pokemon that provide some of the highest amounts of experience points (Exp) in the game. Both of them can be found at
Area of the North Province One North Province Area Two North Province Area Three

Even sandwiches that grant you Normal Encounter Power can be consumed to improve the power of these encounters. Master Potato Sandwich is one of these sandwiches.
excellent egg sandwich
Master Sandwich for Refreshment
Alternatively, you may run into them at Tera Raid

Exp Candies being used

Depending on the size of the candy you used, Exp Candies instantly offer your Pokemon a tonne of experience points. Additionally, you must engage in Tera Raid Battles to obtain Exp Candies. Use the Lucky egg when engaging in these raids, don’t forget. Don’t just engage in any raids, just like when fighting Pokemon. If you’re attempting to reach level 100, your Pokemon should be at a good level, and you should have completed the main game. To obtain these rewards, you should challenge the following raids:

In 4-Star Raids, you have a chance to receive Experience Candy (M) (L)
You have a chance to obtain Experience Candy from 5-star raids (L) (XL)
The following Exp is provided by these sweets.

Candy experience (M): 3,000
10,000 Exp. Candy (L)
Candy exp. (XL): 30,000

I want to remind you once more to keep the Lucky egg in the possession of the Pokemon you are aiming to level up to 100 while battling. I’m highlighting it because you get 50% more experience than you would otherwise. Therefore, simply forgetting to utilise it could cause you to lose out on a significant portion of money. Consequently, missing out on possible Exp.

That concludes this farming tutorial on how to level up your Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet to Level 100. Check out our tutorial on how to get money quickly while you are levelling up your Pokemon. This will be useful when purchasing sandwich ingredients for your meal powers or any other medications your Pokemon could require. Check out our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides for more information on this game.


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