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Captain Price and Gaz are en route to examine some warehouses on an island nearby Spain during the ninth MW2 mission, “Recon by Fire.” You will have the choice of interacting with CIA agent Kate Laswell at several points during the assignment. Thus, this is your one and only opportunity to choose the words or lines and engage Kate in the dialogue you like. Here are all the dialogue options and their responses for the “Recon by Fire” task in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to assist you in making your choice in the story campaign.

Recon By Fire All COD MW2 Dialogue Options

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Choice 1: Watcher…?
Watcher, Gaz:
Laswell: Select Watcher…
Gaz: It’s good to be back out there.
Laswell: I’m here because I was in charge when it happened. I must understand how.
Price: Kate, we pursue targets that are known, likely, and suspected. This one has all three.
Gaz: I’d join you two in a foxhole at any time. Let’s figure this out.
People will perish if one of these missiles hits a metropolis, according to Laswell.
Alternative 2: Laswell
Laswell, huh?
Garrick, talk to me, says Laswell.
You’ve done this before, Gaz?
Laswell: Hmm, Sergeant, quite a few times. you were in diapers at the time.
Price: To be fair, Kate, he was probably already potty trained at that point.
Gaz: I am still, sir.
Price: After this is over, we’ll check your ghillie suit.
Gaz: Captain, we’ll examine yours as well.
Your price is on.
Boys, all of this will be in my final report, said Laswell.
Third choice: Kate?
Kate: Gaz:?
Kyle Laswell. Why is that?
What is your preferred weapon, Gaz?
I don’t have one, Laswell. Use the appropriate tool for the task at hand.
Price: Laswell, you spoke like a true warrior.

recon by fire all dialogue options cod mw2

Do you know the origin of the word “sniper”?
Laswell, option one: Do you know where the word “sniper” originated?
Gaz: No. Where?
from bird hunting, says Laswell. Snipe-named bird. Highly predator-resistant camouflage. A sniper was someone who could hit one.
Option 2: Fieldcraft…do you know where the phrase “sniper” originated?
You, Captain?
Price: A snipe is a little bird with a long bill. wonderfully fits in with its surroundings. If you made one, you were classified as a sharpshooter.
Third-party Laswell: Fieldcraft; do you know where the term “sniper” originated?
Gaz: In actuality, I do. bird watching. Small, disguised pest known as a snipe. They referred to you as a sniper if you had one.
Laswell: Kyle, what’s yours?
Laswell’s first choice: Kyle, what’s yours?
Sniper rifle (Gaz)
Bolt-action or semi-automatic?
Bolt-action has fewer moving components, is more dependable, and is lighter.
Bolt-action or semi-automatic?
Gaz: I adore that amount of firepower on semi-auto.
Laswell’s second choice: Which is yours, Kyle?
Laswell: Strong weapons and lots of magazines. Gaz, I like your style.
Gaz: Ah, I see. Laswell, I had no idea you were such a fanatic.
Laswell: Gaz, I don’t shoot well, but I know my guns.
Laswell’s third choice: Which is yours, Kyle?
SMG Gaz:
Laswell: Flexibility and control…
Attack and defence. That’s cool with me.
Choice 4
Laswell: Kyle, what’s yours?
Gaz: ARs
Laswell: Up close and far away. wonderful platform, very versatile.

Choice 6
Laswell: Kyle, what’s yours?
Shooter’s gun.
The shotty, says Laswell putting a personal stop to power. Keep an eye on the loading time.
The Recon by Fire mission in COD Modern Warfare 2 included the following chat options and replies. To learn more MW2 hints and tips, visit our Wiki guide.

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