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One of the most captivating aspects of playing Destiny 2 up until its release a long time ago is the seasons. Knowing when a season begins and ends is crucial for players because it resets your Clan’s progress. Therefore, today we will examine the release start and end dates for every season in our list of Destiny 2 seasons.

Additionally, D2 undergoes significant upgrades and exclusive new material with each new season. In order to maintain your interest and keep you wanting more from the developers, a new season also introduces fresh plot content and related tasks.

The Destiny 2 Season List includes the start and end dates for each season.

Players in Destiny 2 receive new “seasons” during a “year” of content. Except for “Year 1,” which had only three seasons, every “Year” has four. As a result, seasons are how developers add new gameplay components while modifying or getting rid of the ones that aren’t as popular. Be aware that, with the exception of “Curse of Osiris” and “Warmind,” each new “Year” of Destiny 2 coincides with the release of a sizable DLC expansion. The start and end dates of each season of Destiny 2 are listed below, along with:

All Seasons Release & End Date in Destiny 2 Season List

Order of Destiny 2 Seasons

As previously announced, the beginning of a new “Year” in Destiny 2 coincides with the publication of a substantial DLC expansion. Additionally, the “Warmind” and “Curse of Osiris” DLCs do not initiate a new “Year.” All things considered, a lot of new players are unsure of the chronological order of the seasons. The Destiny 2 Season Order is as follows:

9/6/17’s Destiny 2
Osiris’s Curse (12/5/17)
(5/8/18) Warmind
Defeated (9/4/18)
The Forge’s Season
The Drifter’s Season
A Time of Opulence
(10/1/19) Shadowkeep
Period of the Dead
Time of Dawn
During the Worthy Season
Season of Arrivals

Light Beyond (11/10/20)
Hunting Season
The chosen season is the splicer season.
Episodes of “Lost”
2/22/22 The Witch Queen
During the Risen Season
Lightfall (2/28/23) Season of the Haunted Season of Plunder
The ultimate form (TBA 2024)

These dates represent the beginning and ending of each season in our Destiny 2 season list. Check out the other Destiny 2 guides we’ve covered right here at Gaming Vitals while you’re here.

People also ask

How long are the Destiny 2 seasons?

roughly 10 weeks
The average length of a Destiny 2 season is around 10 weeks. On August 23, 2022, Season of the Haunted will come to an end.

Will Destiny 2 have a season 16?

Season 16 will premiere on February 22, 2022, just like Witch Queen did. Although the wait was lengthy, we were sustained by the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack.

When did Destiny 2’s latest season debut?

May 24
Tuesday, May 24 marks the premiere of Destiny 2 Season 17.

The weekly reset will occur at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET/6 p.m. GMT to begin the new season.

How long is the season of Witch Queen?

Time for The Witch Queen campaign in Destiny 2

You should anticipate finishing the campaign in seven to nine hours if you decide to play it in Classic mode. Compared to the Legendary Level, which takes 10–12 hours to finish, this mode has less obstacles to overcome.

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