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To win any multiplayer battle royale game, you must be able to hear your adversaries’ footsteps. COD Warzone 2.0 is definitely no exception to this. You must choose the appropriate audio settings for it. But with so many choices available, such as Proximity Voice chat, it might be difficult to choose the best audio settings. Not to worry, consult our guide to discover Warzone 2’s optimal Audio

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Best Warzone 2 Audio Settings

For various players and their tastes, the Audio settings can change. In any case, you can experiment with the audio option below to improve your gaming experience and hear adversaries louder and clearer. The ideal Warzone 2 audio settings are as follows:

best audio settings warzone 2

Volumes Audio Mix: Headphones (Depending on your audio equipment, these are different EQ modes. Therefore, if you have them plugged in, headphones would be your best bet. As an alternative, you can select a soundbar or home theatre system while they are not plugged in.
40–50 Master Volume

best audio settings warzone 2

No music playing (To unblock the sound of gunshots, grenades, or footsteps)
40–50 s of dialogue (Some AQ foes yell when they assault you. We advise adjusting the discourse volume to a lower setting to avoid this extra noise.
Effects Volume: 100 (Will assist in identifying the actions of your adversary)
Volume Hit Marker: 30–40
Speakers/Headphones Default system device for game sound
Mono Audio: Off (Setting this setting On, splits the audio between the left and right audio channels)

Off-screen subtitles
No campaign

Off for multiplayer
Off: Cooper
Off Subtitles in DMZ Size: Default Background Opacity: 0 Subtitles

Call and Talk
Voice Chat: Final Thoughts Proximity Chat: On Voice Chat Device: Default System Device Voice Chat: Off
Voice Chat Recording Mode: Select the one that best suits you.
Depending on your option, voice chat (Push to Talk).
60–70 voice chat volume
Microphone Test: Default System Device, Off Microphone
Volume of microphone: 100
These are the settings determined by our playstyle and gaming history. You can hear enemy movements louder and clearer by using the parameters listed above. Having said that, we advise experimenting with different Audio setting values and choices. That’s since these settings can vary depending on the gameplay and preferences of various players.

Everything regarding the ideal audio settings for Warzone 2 has been covered.

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