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MultiVersus is a platform action video game with many well-known characters. As they face off against their opponents, each of these characters has special moves, skills, and advantages. Amazing combo attacks to deploy against adversaries come together with fantastic powers. To stun your opponents and deal more damage to them, you can use a variety of combos. But which figures should be chosen? Here is our guide to the greatest MultiVersus characters for combo strikes.

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MultiVersus characters for combo attacks


There’s a good reason why Gotham’s crooks prefer to spend time in jail than being battered by Batman. He is a character that resembles a bruiser and has the best abilities to use. It could be challenging to successfully counterattack this masked vigilante given his Batarang and other weapons. However, his combination attacks do not entirely rely on his high-tech equipment. He frequently spams punches and finishes them with an uppercut in one of his combo attacks. For more such awesome combo attacks, see our guide to the finest Batman combos.

best characterse for combo attacks multiversus

Booger Bunny

The clever and endearing bunny can cause mayhem thanks to its special advantages and skills. Bugs Bunny may launch powerful projectiles against foes as a ranged or mage character. He might be the character in the cast who is the most unpredictable. This is because even his combos can change pretty suddenly. One of the combination attacks is the Air Launch Bounce Combo, which is completed with three Ground attacks and an upper Air assault. For additional information, see our guide to the ideal Bugs Bunny pairings.

multiversus best characters for combo attacks


Choose the Man of Steel if you want a fantastic tank-type character with lots of combination strikes. You may rely on his combination strikes despite the fact that he has been severely nerfed down to balance him. Heat Vision, Kryptonian Kombo, Bullet Barrage, and other moves are a few of his combos. His bonuses when paired with these combination attacks can deal a tonne of damage to your opponents.

multiversus best characters combo attacks

Marilyn Quinn

The Joker’s psychotic sidekick is an assassin-like figure with a variety of weapons at her disposal. As an assassin, Harley is incredibly swift and has one of the most powerful combination attacks. Her strongest moves include the Clown Combo, which consists of a series of kicks and bat swings that are followed by an upward swing. A series of flying kicks is another strike combo. A series of kicks culminate with him rebounding from her opponent.

multiversus harley quinn

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MultiVersus has an original character named Reindog. The best character of this sort on the roster is this adorable and fluffy creature. One of Reindog’s combinations is Tail Swipe, which builds up a strong tail swipe that can shatter armour. Ptoo!, another of his combo attacks, releases a potent projectile that may be directed either upwards or downward.


That concludes our discussion of the top MultiVersus characters for combo strikes. Check out our other guides if you enjoyed this one.

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