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The free-to-play gacha-styled MMORPG Tower of Fantasy is developed by Perfect World. You can choose from a variety of characters because it’s an MMORPG. Simulacra, who are characters who use weapons, is one of these character types. These characters have the ability to awaken to reveal their origins and characteristics. These are their passive skills, which can be rather useful in combat. But to do that, you must establish a connection with them. And in order to do that, you must give them awakening points. The best presents for Simulacrum in the Tower of Fantasy are explained in the next section of our guide.

How Gifts Operate in TOF (Explained)

ToF has a slightly more complicated system for gifting characters than other MMOs, which have a rather basic system. Each Simulacra has unique and preferred presents based on their characteristics. There are several awakening points associated with each of the gift rarities.

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In Tower of Fantasy, the Best Gifts for Each Simulacrum | Entertainment WorldWide News

SSR rare receives 40 Awakening Points as special gifts.
The SR rarity receives 20 Awakening points as a fine gift.
N rarity receives 10 Awakening points as a small gift.
You may match it up with these gifts using various tags to get extra Awakening points. The better the tags are matched and chosen, the higher bonuses you will get.

Here are all of the complementary tags and the benefits they provide:

If your tag matches a Special Gift tag, you will receive a bonus of 20 Awakening points.
10 additional points are awarded for matching Fine Gift tags.
If your Small Gift tags match, you will receive a bonus of five points.
Let’s examine how to send gifts to characters now that the process of gifting has been clarified.

Using TOF to Send Gifts

Keep in mind that you cannot send presents until you are level 18 and have completed the Mega Arena. The Simulacrum Awakening system will become available as you receive gifts. You’ll be able to do this to send presents to the Simulacra characters.

So, to send gifts, adhere to following guidelines:

Select the Awaken tab on the Simulcara page.
Choose the Simulcara to whom you want to send the gift next.
You may examine their preferred gifts and their current state of awakening by selecting the Gift tab.


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