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Your primary goal in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is to capture a Pokemon and raise it to rule other Pokemon in the area of Paldea. Even while it may seem simple, it isn’t; in addition to training them, you’ll also need to give them greater care. Their stats and power are impacted by whatever you do. Nature is one of the factors that significantly influences a Pokemon’s base stats. One base stat can only be Buffed by Nature, and vice versa. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, gamers are having trouble deciding which nature is ideal for Mankey, Primeape, and Annihilape. If you are also interested in learning more, we can help.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Mankey, Primeape, and Annihilape have the best natures.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Best Nature For Mankey, Primeape, & Annihilape

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Mankey, Primeape, and Annihilape have the best natures, Lonely & Adamant. The two aforementioned natural bonuses enhance Pokemon attacks. The Adamant temperament, however, weakens Special Attack, while Loneliness weakens Defense. These are the suggested Natures to choose if you don’t mind giving up some stats in exchange for some bonuses. If you don’t know the statistics for Fighting-type Pokemon, scroll down for them.

Base StatsMankeyPrimeapeAnnihilape 
Special Attack356050
Special Defence457090

These were Mankey, Primeape, and Annihilapet’s statistics. If the nature described doesn’t fit your play style, the whole nature chart is presented in the article below. Pick the one you like best, then go to work controlling the Arena. Players can even feed their Pokemon mints to change the Pokemon’s nature before continuing.

The best nature for Mankey, Primeape, and Annihilape in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be summed up in one sentence.


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