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Players in Call of Duty Warzone 2 have access to perk packages, therefore many are curious about the greatest ones. You must choose from the preset bundles; you cannot choose perks individually. This is a useful feature because it prevents players from selecting all the overpowered perks for their loadout, somewhat balancing out the perk options. There are eight of these available for your selection, and some simply provide more than others. Check out the top perk packages for CoD Warzone 2.0 in this guide.

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Best CoD Warzone 2 Perk Packages

There are a total of 8 perk packages available in this game, however these 3 are the most helpful.

Specter \Vanguard \Commando
The best perk package in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is called Specter.

Specter is a great set of bonuses, especially for seasoned gamers. With double time and Ghost, you may more easily approach or flee from your adversaries. While Tracker and Spotter can assist you in improving your map awareness and enemy analysis. Each benefit accomplishes this.

call of duty warzone 2 best perk packages list specter

Double Time: This ability allows you to sprint twice as fast and even accelerates your crouching motion by 30%.
Tracker: It helps you see enemy tracks and death markings more clearly. Furthermore, it conceals your kill markers from them.
Spotter: With this bonus, you have the ability to see enemy equipment through walls.
Ghost: With this bonus, you are invisible to enemy UAVs, portable radars, and heartbeat sensors.


A great bonus bundle for new players in this game is Vanguard. With Double Time, your movement speed improves. Additionally, thanks to resupply, you won’t have to worry about running out of ammunition. Bomb Squad increases your toughness. And being on high alert makes you more aware. Unquestionably a benefit that new players to the game must use. Even some seasoned gamers could find this kit helpful.

vanguard perk package

Double Time: As previously mentioned.
With the Bomb Squad perk, you can sustain less explosive damage.
Restock: Every 30 seconds, your lethal equipment and weapon ammo are recharged.
High Alert: It alerts you to enemy sightings even if they are not in your line of sight.


commando perk package

The perk bundle Commando is focused on battle. It allows you to replenish your ammunition from defeated foes. Equipment can be thrown much farther and with a little more precision. Your senses and reload speed are both enhanced. These are the benefits that come with it.

With the Scavenger perk, you can replenish your ammunition and throwing knives from defeated foes.
Strong Arm: You have the ability to hurl objects farther than usual. Additionally, it displays its trajectory for you so you can throw more accurately.
Fast Hands: This perk speeds your weapon switching and reloading.
High Alert: As previously described.
These are merely suggestions that ought to be effective for the majority of players. Give the other 5 benefits a shot as well to see if any of them function better for you.

That concludes our article about Call of Duty Warzone 2.0’s ideal perk packages.



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