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Roleplay games are among the most well-liked types of custom content, as any player who has participated in a multiplayer game with custom maps will likely have observed. Players have a wide range of options in role-playing games, but they often concentrate on a unique theme that immerses them in a brand-new setting. But there is one thing that practically all Roleplay maps have in common: you get to try something fresh.

Naturally, a lot of Fortnite gamers want to play this informal but exciting game mode, so they search for the finest maps. We have compiled a list of the top Roleplay map codes available below! So bookmark our page for more entertaining roleplay maps as we regularly update this list with the best maps!


Check out Fortnite Escape Room Codes, Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes, and Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes if you enjoy playing the Fortnite game modes. For the most recent information on everything Fortnite-related, be sure to visit our Fortnite site!

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List of the Best Fortnite Roleplay Map Codes

The top Fortnite Roleplay Map Codes are listed below.

9683-4582-8184 PWR Tiny Town
Roleplaying in High School: 6351-9562-0264
Breakout from Prison: 6531-4403-0726
8143-5110-7203 Outlaw’s Haven


Outstanding Fortnite Roleplay Maps

Tiny Town PWR

During Fortnite Chapter 2, PWR Tiny Town was released, and thanks to its entertaining gameplay and laid-back ambiance, it quickly became famous. It adopts a less serious roleplaying style and merely provides its players with a virtual town to explore and hang out in with new acquaintances. You have the option to work to pay for the newest fashions or just spend a day having fun like you normally would!

School Roleplaying

One of the first Fortnite Creative High School Roleplay maps, this one is still the go-to hangout for players who want to enjoy living the high school student experience. As long as there is a teacher, you are free to roleplay as either a student or a teacher and enrol in classes on any subject you like! This map has progress saving capabilities, allowing you to resume where you left off if you need to attend class in the real world.

Prisoner Escape

The most common variation of roleplay maps, prison breakout maps, is how most people are familiar with them. This original Prison Breakout map, created by the incredibly well-known mapper Echo, grabbed popularity right away and has been regularly included on the Fortnite Discover menu since its introduction. Players act as police officers or criminals on this map. The only thing that matters is how far you’re prepared to go in order to succeed because each side has different objectives and strategies to gain money.


Insurgent’s Haven

Many of the Prison Breakout maps from Fortnite are similar to Outlaw’s Haven, but with a vintage Western flavour instead. Play the part of a cowboy convict, pull out heists to move up in the old-school criminal underground, and utilize the money you make to take control of your posse. For brand-new gamers who want more information on how to play, this Fortnite Creative game has its very own webpage!

Utilize the map codes for Fortnite Roleplay?

Press the Game Mode button in the Fortnite Lobby on the right side of the screen.
Go to the Island Code tab in the game mode menu’s header.
In the text field, type or paste the above code.
To confirm your choice of map, hit Enter.
When you are back in the lobby, click Play to start the game mode.

People also ask

What are some Fortnite Roleplay map codes?

By Tvs-visual, 7760-1371-3876 – Fortnite.

Which Fortnite practise map code is the best?

One of the best Fortnite players in Europe, Mongraal, practises on this map every day on stream before entering Arena matches or Cash Cups.
8022-6842-4965 is the island code.
3443-2839-6606 is the island code.
9588-0826-4314 is the island code.
2537-2393-3308 is the island code.
5372-7441-3284 is the island code.
7440-4394-8340 is the island code.

Which map in Fortnite Creative is the best?

The best map codes for Fortnite’s creative mode
The Loki TVA Prop Hunting
Asylum in Alverton Hills.
Realistic 2v2 Finest.
Pro 100.
Breakout in prison.
I’m Lost in the Dark.
Prop Hunting
2077 Cydurrpunk.

What is the creative OG map code?

Battle Royale on the OG MAP! 0755-2410-4216 by Fortnite player Tne altitude.

What are some fun role-playing scenarios?

7 roleplaying concepts to spice up your sex life
01/8 Test out these steps. When you feel that your sexual life is getting routine, roleplaying becomes necessary.
02/8 Fitness professional.
Playing a royal game.
04/8 Massage practitioner.
05/8 Employee and boss.
08/06 Strangers.
07/8 With the children at home.
Artist and topic 08/8

What does Fortnite’s high school roleplaying code look like?


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