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The game Dordle is similar to a double-sized version of the Wordle game, as the name already suggests. Here, you need to guess two words in seven tries rather than one word in six. We will be regularly updating this tutorial if you are having problems guessing these double words. For those gamers who don’t want the solutions right away, we will provide some hints first. Here is everything you need to know about today’s Dordle Answers.

Tips for the Dordle of Today (September 9, 2022)

Here are some tips for today’s problem before we reveal the solution:

a pivotal moment in a tense set of events I comes in at number three, and K comes in at number four.
omitting your face and body, the skin on your head. The first letter of this word is S, and the fourth letter is L.
Sometimes it takes more than seven guesses to arrive at the correct solutions. The time to turn around is now if you don’t want to keep guessing and reveal the correct answers.

Today’s Dordle Answers

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Thus, the following are the solutions for Dordle #0228 on September 9, 2022:

Dordle puzzle answers from before
A FUNNY, WHINE September 8, 2022
2022-09-07: CRIER, MILKY
On September 6, 2022, an angel hooped.
AMSISS, WORRY on September 5, 2022.
STEAK, DRILL, September 4, 2022
MOPED and WHALE on September 3, 2022
Tuesday, September 2, 2022: SCOOP, FUZZY
Arose, Banal on September 1, 2022

The Rules of Dordle

Here is how to play this word puzzle game for those who are new to it:

Similar to Wordle, the correct answer requires you to guess five-letter words.
However, as was already explained, the only distinction is that you now require two accurate estimates.
Pick the first five-letter word that comes to mind and guess it.
You will see boxes with yellow and green highlights as you enter the solution.

dordle answers today

The letter is present somewhere in the word, as indicated by the yellow highlight.
On the other hand, the green highlight shows where that letter is located.
Therefore, use the highlighted letters to predict and type the 5-letter words


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