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Your experience with God of War Ragnarok will depend on the difficulty setting you select, however if you are a first-time player and have selected the “Give me Balance” (or any higher) level, you might need some advice. These will aid in your survival, speed up your advancement, and give you the amazing sensation of being the God of War (and play better as Atreus too). Check out all of these God of War Ragnarok combat advice for beginners, and you’ll improve over time with practise and patience.

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Tips for Beginning God of War Ragnarok Combatants

God of War Ragnarok’s world is full of perils of all shapes and sizes, therefore you must be ready to defeat every kind of foe. You must adjust your weaponry according on the weaknesses of each opponent. For beginner advice on how to play Kratos more effectively in battle, especially in the beginning of the game, read on.

Control Your Camera’s Movement

One of the most crucial things you should practise is this. Knowing how to manipulate the camera will enable you to see all or the majority of the adversaries, which will make or break your combat performance. This will have a profound effect on your axe throws and close-ranged assaults. Go to the settings and make the necessary changes to suit your preferences.

For instance, you can customise the Lock ON camera and Recenter Camera settings to suit your preferences. Three options are available for the Lock ON camera gameplay setting: Classic, Auto-Target, and Auto-Target+. While the Attack’s Recenter Camera offers the choices of Classic, Priority, and Priority+. The Classic setting is the default.

Green health stones are useful in battle.

While exploring the planet, you may have noticed those bright green stones sprinkled throughout, but did you realise that they can also be useful in combat? Yes, they can increase your health, but if you step on one when your adversary is extremely close by, they can also temporarily knock them out of commission. This offers you the opportunity to take advantage of their weakness and use all of your weaponry. To accomplish this, you will need to carefully lead them to the green stone and stomp at just the correct moment, particularly if they are about to launch an unblockable red ring strike. Speaking of rings, in GOW Ragnarok, be careful to know what each enemy ring means.

Understand when to employ heavy and light assaults.

While slower and more powerful, heavy attacks. Use Light attacks to finish out weaker enemy types quickly if you are surrounded by foes.

recenter camera attackrecenter camera attack

Aim your Axe’s Light throw at the enemy’s legs to cause them to lose their balance and fall.

Additionally, a powerful throw of your Leviathan Axe can paralyse your adversaries, allowing you to charge them and rip them apart. These might be especially helpful if you’re feeling overpowered by oncoming foes. Remember that Kratos also has fairly powerful hands; if your enemies attempt to get up close and personal, utilise them to deliver punches

lock on camera

Additionally, you can summon your Leviathan Axe by pressing the Triangle button on your PS controller, as you may already be aware of. It can slice an enemy in your path and do simple damage if you throw it and immediately call it back while they are in front of you. As you gain experience, you will gain a better understanding of the Axe’s arc and be able to arrange your subsequent recalls accordingly.

Verify the Stun Damage Bar.

There is another metre for Stun damage under the enemy’s health bar. The more foes you stun, the more the bar fills up until you may hit R3 to activate a fun finisher animation for a specific enemy. You won’t be susceptible to other foes during this period.

stun damage

With your weapon or bare hands, you can strike adversaries against walls, rendering them more vulnerable and dealing greater stun damage. Blades of Chaos can be used to throw foes into the air, severely weakening them. A strong kick from Kratos can expose adversaries to assault, which is another element to the combo.

Remember to enlist the aid of Atreus, your best friend and buddy, whose arrows have the added ability to paralyse foes. And he can deal some amazing damage if you give him more skill upgrades. Additionally, this will temporarily relieve some of your stress so you can pay attention to other creatures. You must focus and only do it when you are not being surrounded by a mob if you want to freeze up your axe because it takes a few seconds.

Strengthen Weapon Skills

Kratos already has some pretty cruel fundamental abilities, but by giving his weapons (and Atreus’ bow) abilities, you may turn him into a harder-edged version of yourself. For ways to do extra damage to opponents, look at the techniques, ranged, and melee skills. You will need to switch between weapons in different situations, and these will be for particular enemies like Frosted or Burning creatures.

blades of chaos combat tips ragnarok

Make Use of Your Environment

To regain composure, hide behind a rock. To ascend, use your Blades of Chaos. Make the most of your surroundings because they can be useful in boss battles.

Become accustomed to sidestepping

Kratos tends to parry and attack, but to survive for a longer period of time, he must balance this by evading and dodging. The order of your light attack combo will be maintained if you sidestep, but it will be reset if you roll. Therefore, sidestepping (by pressing X) needs to be added to your moves for improved survivability.

Utilize Spartan Rage against hordes.

Try to avoid expending all of your Rage on a single or two tiny foes. The optimal usage of Spartan Rage is to deal damage to a large group of adversaries that may potentially overwhelm you.

Utilize Spartan Rage against hordes.

Try to avoid expending all of your Rage on a single or two tiny foes. The optimal usage of Spartan Rage is to deal damage to a large group of adversaries that may potentially overwhelm you.

These were all the combat tips for beginners in God of War Ragnarok. If you wish to know lots more tips, tricks and strategies for the games,


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