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Kratos and Atreus run against a number of dangers as they travel through the Nine Realms. These include the powerful Nordic legendary figures and the monsters they encounter as they go. In the game World of Warcraft: Ragnarok, three wisps can be combined to form wights, a kind of Primordial creatures or animals. The Wights may divide into various Wisps as a result of being defeated. But how do you completely vanquish these Beasts? For help against the Wights in God of War Ragnarok, see our guide.

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How to Win God of Wgod of war ragnarok beat wightsar Ragnarok’s Wight Battles

The animals or foes that have the ability to hover to reach higher ground are known as wights. As you advance through the Story Quests in GoW Ragnarok, you run into them quite a bit. As Atreus in the Runaway Quest, you will encounter them for the first time. Atreus can use a variety of ranged attacks because he is an archer. However, these Beasts are capable of blocking some Runic assaults. Therefore, doing serious harm to them can be a hassle. However, compared to subsequently encountered more powerful foes or Beasts, they are considerably simpler to fight.

how to beat wights god of war ragnarok

So, in God of War Ragnarok, here’s how to get rid of the Wights:

These Beasts have the ability to repel both Runic arrows and attacks, as was previously indicated.

Use the Normal or Basic Arrows to harm them when you first come across them as Atreus. R1 can be pressed to activate Basic Arrows.


Wights can easily close the gap because they can fly across the area.

You must be careful to keep your distance from them. You can harm them in close battle by using the Bow.

Wights are also incredibly quick and have a number of Red and Double ring Blue attacks up their sleeves. However, they briefly charge their Blue attacks throughout this period.
To harm them, you must stop them with the Bow or another strike.
Three Wisp orbs can be fired at you by these Beasts. Therefore, be certain that you are able to parry, avoid, and block their assaults.

god of war ragnarok beat wights

The Wights split into three Wisps Orbs when you have defeated them.
These Orbs can be stunned or staggered using Sigil and Sonic Arrows. To use the equipped Sonic or Sigil arrows, press the R2 button.

The Wights can be found throughout GoW Ragnarok’s adventures. Additionally, you will be able to add a new entry to the Bestiary if you defeat them for the first time. Go to the Codex section to see more information about them.


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