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Do you want to know whether the Tower of Fantasy servers are down and how to find out? This will show you the way. There is a chance that the queueing, disconnecting, and logging in issues that many players encountered when it initially opened will return. Here’s how to tell if the ToF servers are currently down or not.

Servers For Tower Of Fantasy Down? Checking the Status of the ToF Server

Checking the official @ToF EN Official twitter account is the most effective approach to find out if servers are currently unavailable. When maintenance mode is initiated and when they expect to be online, they will notify gamers. For additional information, keep an eye on Discord or the News section of the official website.

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Players from numerous nations are swarming to the game as a result of the intense attention it has attracted in order to partake in the adventure. As a result, there’s a potential that the servers will become overloaded. You will experience connection troubles, login issues, and the game may slow when servers start to go down. At that point, you should look online to see if other gamers are experiencing the same issues or if it’s just you.

how to check tof server status

Reset your router and give it another go if you think it’s on your end. Check to see whether the game is being slowed down by background programmes or your slow internet. To achieve the fastest possible internet speed if the wifi is sluggish, add an Ethernet cable.

Launch the game and go to Settings to get in touch with the creators. At the top, there will be a Customer Service button. Concerns from players can also be sent via email to

Launch the game and go to Settings to get in touch with the creators. At the top, there will be a Customer Service button. Concerns from players can also be sent via email to

The developers might compensate you if it is determined that the problems are caused by the servers. For instance, as per this tweet, players may receive x300 Dark Crystal and x10 Gold Nucleus as a result of the launch-day problems (August 11).

Within 24 hours of the announcement, the compensation will be delivered to the in-game mailbox. You should act quickly to claim the things because they expire 14 days after showing up in your mailbox.

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