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Players in Final Fantasy XIV have the option of scuba diving. Although this game mechanic wasn’t present at first, the Stormblood expansion’s addition of it unleashed a completely new experience. You can gather materials, do side missions that are particular to the underwater world, and go spearfishing when you dive underwater. Even when everything is wonderful, you cannot simply dive into the sea. So let’s look at how to unlock underwater diving in Final Fantasy XIV in this article.

Final Fantasy XIV: Underwater Diving Instructions

You must hit the Ctrl and Spacebar keys on your keyboard in order to dive underwater. However, if you haven’t unlocked the ability, you can’t dive underwater. In a moment, we’ll look at how to unlock it. Additionally, the game forbids you from submerging yourself in any body of water. To dive in, the water must be deep enough. The lake in the Azim Steppe, the Ruby sea, and other places are some of the places where you can go underwater.

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FFXIV Endwalker Guide: How to Dive Underwater

The best aspect is that you can dive inside with your mount if you are flying on it and the water is deep enough. Go to any such location, start swimming, and then hit the diving buttons.

PC: On your keyboard, press the Ctrl and Spacebar buttons.
Xbox: Use your Xbox controller’s B button.
PlayStation: On your PlayStation controller, press the Circle button.
Your character begins swimming downhill when you dive. After then, there will be a transition using bubbles, and your character will then be submerged under water. Simple swim upwards to return to the surface. The same animation will play, and then you will rise.

FFXIV: How to Unlock Dive

You must get and accept the quest “In Soroban We Trust” in order to access diving.

Meet Alisaie after accepting the task.

Soroban bestows a blessing to the group in the opening cutscene.

The ritual is finished after the cutscene, at which point the players can breathe underwater.

Step into the watery ring.

Soroban then calls forth critters like stingrays when submerged.

You will get a screen that reads “Diving Unlocked” after this cutscene.

That concludes my guide on how to unlock underwater diving in Final Fantasy XIV. These resources should also be helpful to you.

People also ask

How does underwater diving work in Final Fantasy 14?

You can now explore underwater by using the Flying/Diving – Descend key (by default, Ctrl + Spacebar) or by exiting one of the portals in the underwater settlements. It is the O button on the PS4 and PS5. You can even dive directly into the ocean if you chance to be flying if you hit it at the right angle.

In Ffxiv PS4, how do you dive?

Similar to how you would when flying, you can fall further or ascend higher by pressing the ascend/descend button on your preferred platform. It’s a triangle/circle for the PS4. Control/Spacebar on a PC. That nearly concludes our guide to swimming and diving in FFXIV: Stormblood.

How do I get to the fierce’s home?

Press ctrl+space when in the pool’s middle. Have you ever attempted to swim underwater in a pool of water? There should be a tunnel that takes you to your destination beneath the waves.

What underwater swimming technique is the quickest?

Kick. The quickest technique to swim underwater is to use a powerful dolphin kick in conjunction with your streamline. This kick is executed by simultaneously kicking both legs in a dolphin-like manner. This kick will be powered by your thighs and upper legs while your knees slightly flex.

Why are people unable to breathe underwater?

In order to breathe underwater, human lungs are not made to draw oxygen from water. Air enters your lungs from your nose through your trachea (windpipe) when you breathe.

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