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Roblox has officially opened its spacial voice chat to everyone over the age of 13 who has successfully finished their age verification process as of November 10, 2021. What began as a beta in February of 2021 has gradually been dispersed throughout the site over the last few months, until it has achieved its finished product in November of 2021. Continue reading to learn how to engage in Roblox’s spacial conversation.


Authenticating your age

Because over half of Roblox’s user base is over the age of 13, ensuring the safety of younger users has remained a worry. Roblox noted in a blog post that the spatial voice feature will be available only to individuals who have verified that they are over the age of 13. Roblox says that by doing so, they are safeguarding the platform’s more impressionable users from potentially objectionable information or events unsuitable for a younger audience.

To verify your age on Roblox, you’ll need the Roblox app and access to your phone’s camera. Users may simply take a photo of their driver’s licence, passport, or ID card, which will then be processed for authentication by Roblox’s photo processor. Following the completion of this scan, users will be requested to snap a selfie to demonstrate “liveness” and “likeness.”

Photos from the camera roll will not be permitted due to their more static nature, so ready to put on your best photo face! As absurd as it may sound, Roblox employs “liveness” to confirm that you are an alive and breathing person, and “likeness” to ensure that you are the same person who appears in your provided picture. The entire shooting procedure should only take a few minutes.

Activating voice chat

Once you’ve verified your age, you can toggle voice chat on and off from the settings menu. On a PC, look for the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, then select Settings from the drop down menu. Locate the Privacy tab from the options menu on the left.

Locate and click the three-dot circle in the lower right corner of your mobile device. Then, scroll down until you see the cog icon. After that, click it and then click Privacy. By selecting this tab, you may access your privacy settings on both your PC and mobile device.

You should see the phrase Enable voice chat and a little button under the title Beta Features. When you click this button, voice chat will be enabled, and the button will change from grey to green. There doesn’t appear to be a way to toggle voice chat from an Xbox at the moment, so you’ll need to have access to the Roblox app or website to turn it on or off.

How To Get VOICE CHAT in Roblox (How To Enable Voice Chat) - YouTube

Voice chat guidelines

As of currently, no formal declaration has been issued outlining what may and cannot be spoken using voice chat. Swearing currently receives no punishment or censorship from Roblox; however, this is likely to change once the wrinkles are ironed out.

How To Enable Voice Chat on Roblox ?

When and when should you use voice chat?

Whether you think it’s unfortunate or not, not every Roblox experience will include voice chat. It is entirely up to individual game developers whether or not they wish to allow it. Mic Up appears to be the current favourite for those seeking to experiment with voice chat.

People also ask

How do you enable Voicechat on Roblox?

Enabling Roblox Voice Chat

On a mobile device, locate and click the three-dot circle in the lower right-hand corner. Continue scrolling until you see the cog icon. After you’ve found it, click the option, then Privacy, and then enable the feature. You can also mute or unmute certain players by hovering your mouse over their names.

Does Roblox have voice chats?

Roblox has officially opened its spacial voice chat to everyone over the age of 13 who has successfully finished their age verification process as of November 10, 2021.

Why can’t I chat on Roblox?

If you’re having trouble, try using the backslash key (“”) on your keyboard to access the chat feature. If this does not work, you can try the steps following to modify the region settings on your keyboard, which may help: Launch the Start menu.

Is Roblox voice chat safe?

All Roblox chat is filtered to keep bad content and personally identifying information off the site. Depending on their age, players have varied safety settings and experiences.

Will Roblox add voice chat on mobile?

Yes, Roblox is introducing voice chat.

What is Roblox voice chat?

This new feature, which allows users to hear other players’ voices in the game, is meant to help creator Roblox Corporation create its version of the metaverse, or a more immersive Internet.

Is there voice chat in Roblox Xbox?

Roblox for Xbox includes a voice chat feature that allows you to communicate with your friends and party members.

Why is my Roblox private chat not working?

To do so, go to Settings > Privacy and alter all three boxes, Who can message me?, Who can talk with me in app?, and Who can speak with me in game, under the Contact Settings section. from nobody to everybody This is the most typical solution for the Can’t chat in Roblox issue.

Can I use my birth certificate for Roblox voice chat?

As a fast Google search would reveal, you cannot use your birth certificate to verify your identity.

How does Roblox chat filter work?

Roblox’s chat filter is provided by CommunitySift. In order to sift through all of the online talks, their system follows a lengthy set of rules and restrictions. The algorithm can also detect new methods that players are learning to type phrases and words that are ordinarily forbidden.

Is verifying age on Roblox safe?

Q: Is it safe to confirm my age in this manner? A: Of course! We want you to know that we take the safety and privacy of our community seriously, and Roblox never saves raw ID document data.

How do you verify your age on Roblox if your 13?

How to Confirm Your Age ID. To prove your age, you must be at least 13 years old and have a government-issued photo ID (a driver’s licence, passport, residency card, or any other government-issued identification document with your image on it).

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