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While investigating the Dreamlight Valley in Disney’s new game, you will go over these adorable animals that you can take care of and get drops like Disney Shards. These critters are tracked down in every biome and with a wide range of characteristics and inclinations. This is on the grounds that there are various sorts of creatures in every district and some of them require a particular way to deal with taking care of them their exceptional food. Assuming you feed a portion of these critters enough times, you might transform them into your pet partners that pursue you around the guide. In this guide we will separate every one of the various creatures in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to take care of them.

Step by step instructions to Move toward Dreamlight Valley Creatures and What to Take care of Them

There are a sum of eight distinct critters in Dreamlight Valley and not every one of them are as simple to approach as some others. The following is our rundown of the multitude of creatures, where to track down them, and their number one nourishment for your reference.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Feed Animals



Most loved Food: Peanuts
These are typically found in the Court and they are somewhat exceptionally simple to approach. At times they’ll just approach you when they are searching for food.


Most loved Food: Carrots
Hares are typically tracked down in the Serene Knolls locale. Presently, these critters are somewhat interesting to approach. They are exceptionally lively and taken off and jump two or multiple times before they let you feed them. They’re comical in any event, when they are eager so you need to engage their soul a piece.

Ocean Turtles

Most loved Food: Kelp
They are normally spotted on Astonish Ocean side. All you need to do to take care of them is approach them with some kelp from the ocean side. They will stay away into their shell from the beginning however they in the long run jump out assuming they are eager.


Most loved Food: Blueberries
These devilish little animals are tracked down in the Backwoods of Bravery. To take care of a raccoon, you need to adopt a gradual strategy. They will sit inactive and gaze at you assuming that they are eager however get surprised without any problem. You simply need to draw nearer to painstakingly take care of these shaggy critters.


Most loved Food: Lobster
Crocodiles are normally tracked down in the Knoll of Trust. Presently the way to deal with taking care of these is a ton like that of raccoons. You simply must be careful not to frighten them and gradually draw near to the point of taking care of them their lobsters.


Most loved Food: White Sturgeon
Foxes can be tracked down in the lower regions of the Iced Levels locale. Presently, these are totally different from the wide range of various critters as they are normally agreeable and will move toward you when they are ravenous. You should simply follow them around and they will acknowledge your food.


Most loved Food: Various kinds of Blossoms
These flutterers are tracked down in the Sunlit Level. These are super speedy on their wings so to take care of them, you should stay aware of their speed.


Most loved Food: Obscure
These puzzling birds are tracked down in the Neglected Grounds. Tragically, there isn’t greatly been aware of them yet. Players have grumbled of not tracking down them by any means, in any event, while investigating their generate locale. In any case, we will refresh this article when we get any updates.

People also ask

How to take care of raccoons dreamlight valley?

Raccoons. If you have any desire to take care of a Racoon you’ll should be patient and slow. Running towards them will make them take off so ensure you approach them cautiously. Sneak gradually and you’ll have the option to take care of these shaggy companions.

What to take care of the critters in Dreamlight Valley?

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Found in the Court, they’re very agreeable and taking care of them is generally simple. Fortunately, they additionally partake in a few food sources like apples, blueberries, and peanuts. Bunnies, then again, aren’t exactly so natural to approach, however value lettuce and carrots. You can track down hares in the Quiet Glade.

How to get Peanuts in dreamlight valley?

Go to Ratatouille’s Domain and you’ll track down a huge reserve of Peanuts at the rear of the kitchen. Get them and return to the valley, giving the Peanuts to Remy.

What do the Crocodiles eat in Dreamlight Valley?

What is this? To get to know a crocodile, you want to move toward them and feed them a lobster gradually

What to take care of Foxes Dreamlight Valley?

Foxes must be tracked down in Frozen Levels. Their number one food is White Sturgeon which is additionally tracked down nearby by connecting with orange fishing hubs.