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In most MMOFPS games, FPS drops and lag are a regular issue, and Naraka: Bladepoint is no different. Online games with complex graphic textures and server-based PvP engagement need a lot of network capacity in addition to a powerful GPU. If your PC doesn’t meet the suggested system requirements or if your internet connection is unstable, the game will slow as a result. All of these could lower your FPS, which would spoil your gaming experience. Therefore, we will cover all the ways to fix latency in Naraka: Bladepoint in one article.

Lag in Naraka Bladepoint: How to Fix It

There are many ways to optimise your PC right now so that it plays games at its best. The majority of these fixes can be divided into either the Network Solutions category or the GPU Solutions category.

However, before we go any further with these categories, you should make sure that your PC satisfies the minimal or suggested system requirements set forth by the game’s creator, 24 Entertainment. View the image below to verify these specifications.

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Naraka Bladepoint Fix Lag

Network Services
a wired connection is preferred: To prevent any WiFi receiver-related latency problems
Any network-intensive applications should be closed. Internet-using background apps may consume extra network bandwidth.
network driver updates
In your DNS Configuration options, clear the DNS cache and change to the public DNS server.
To confirm that your NAT Type is Open and not Restricted, speak with your ISP.

GPU Services
Set “Prefer Maximum Performance” as the power management mode for the game in your Nvidia or AMD settings.
the latest GPU drivers.
To ensure that no other GPU-intensive applications are impairing the performance of your GPU, check your Task Manager.
Switch to DirectX11 if you’re not currently using it. Bladepoint is unreliable with DirectX12.
Search for game programme files in Graphics Performance settings. Then, in the settings, switch it from “Let Windows decide” (the default) to “High Performance.”

Other Naraka Bladepoint Lag Fixing Options
If you’re using Windows, go to Game Capture settings and disable “Background Recording” and “Recorded Audio.”
Turn on Game Mode. This should be enabled by default but make sure it is turned on.
Offset the Xbox Game Bar. This is due to Game Bar’s heavy reliance on GPU and network processing, both of which can degrade game speed.
Installing the game on an SSD is preferable to an HDD. The game can also be played on an external SSD. This is so that gamers can play the game on more recent SSD discs that have been better optimised.

Lower or use a game’s graphics settings that are more performance-friendly. Your GPU will run more efficiently, you’ll get more frames per second, and any undesired stuttering will go away if you minimise the amount of graphic details, textures, and shaders used in the game.

These are the solutions we have listed for latency in Naraka: Bladepoint. If this post was useful to you,

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