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Kratos and Atreus can now employ a variety of weapons, armour, and other items thanks to the release of God of War Ragnarok. While there is no way to defeat the Ghost of Sparta, having shields may be useful when facing really strong opponents. Both his offensive and his defence need to be balanced. There are various shields that you can use in GoW Ragnarok all around the Nine Realms. But how and where can you locate them? See our guide for information on obtaining every shield in God of War Ragnarok.

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god of war ragnarok all shields

How to Get Every Shield in God of War Ragnarok

As you move in GoW Ragnarok, you can find a total of five shields. They are available for purchase or can be obtained as loot after fighting the bosses. Some shields give benefits for parrying, while others give bonuses for hurling shields at adversaries. You may be able to employ these shields to get a variety of benefits or buffs, depending on your playstyle. All shields can be upgraded to a maximum level of 9 using a variety of resources and Hacksilver.

Guardian Armor
Dauntless Defense
Stone Wall Protection
Star Shield that Breaks
Attack Shield
Let’s look at how to obtain them in God of War Ragnarok in more detail:

How to Obtain a Guardian Shield in Guild Wars 2 Ragnarok

The Guardian Shield is available at the beginning of the Surviving Fimbulwinter Story quest.
This shield was a present from Faye to Kratos for their wedding anniversary. But when he fights Thor, the Thunder God, this shield suffers significant damage.

As a result, Guardian Shield would be marked as Broken and would be unable to defend against any attacks.

At the beginning of the World of Just Story quest, you can engage with and speak with Brok about repairing this shield.

Where to Purchase Dauntless Shield

god of war ragnarok get all shields

This shield can be made by you at Huldra’s workshop.
At the conclusion of the Surviving Fimbulwinter story quest, you get the option to build Dauntless Shield for nothing.
For 750 Hacksilver and 1 Slag Deposit, you can also build it later at Huldra’s workshop.
This shield delivers the Shield Bash attack or perk and is ideal for parrying. But you must level it up to level 3 in order to access this perk.
The Dauntless Shield can be upgraded to level 3 for 1000 Hacksilver and 8 Slag deposits.
After upgrading, you can use the L1 button twice to strike your foes.

How to Acquire a Stone Wall Shield in Guild Wars 2 Ragnarok

When charging the Shield Slam strike, Stonewall Shield is ideal for dealing damage.
This shield can be made at Huldra’s workshop. Like the Dauntless shield, you have the option of getting it for nothing or paying 750 Hacksilver and 1 Slag Deposit to buy it.
Kratos can use the Shield Slam technique to assault his opponents thanks to this shield.
But to do that, you must level it up to 3. You require 8 Slag Deposits and 1000 Hacksilver to do that.
You can activate this perk by double-tapping the L1 button after upgrading the Stone Wall Shield.

Shatter Star Shield Obtainable

During the Reckoning Story quest, you can travel to the Vanaheim to locate this shield. You can find this shield at the abandoned village when you complete story tasks.
When fully charged, this shield’s Shield Punch perk can throw your opponents back.
The L1 button must be held down in order to charge this attack. Release the button after it has charged to launch the attack.
To deflect an enemy’s charge, you must utilise it just before they strike you.
The Shatter Star shield can also be upgraded up to a maximum of 9 levels.

YouTube user JorRaptor is the image source.
When you have gathered every shield in Guild Wars 2 Ragnarok, you will receive the Phlanx trophy.

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