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Roblox Blox Fruits allows users to take part in a seafaring adventure reminiscent of the iconic anime One Piece, from which Blox Fruits draws influence. Players can find and consume Devil Fruits, which provide them special powers that follow the laws of the One Piece Universe.

Blox Fruits Codes - Update 17: Part 2 (May 2022) - Try Hard Guides

Players can use our Blox Fruits codes to get benefits when playing Gamer Robot’s title. With these perks, be sure you have all the resources you need to conquer the oceans because they can expire at any time. If a code no longer works for you, please let us know in the comments and we will test it again to ensure that it is still functional.

Blox Fruits Codes Wiki 2022 - Update 17: Part 2(May 2022) - MrGuider


List of all Blox Fruits Codes

Codes for Blox Fruits (Active)
EXP 5B—Can be redeemed for a 2x EXP boost.
RESET 5B—Redeem for points refund
—Redeem for freebies
Redeem Sub2Fer999 for a 2x EXP boost.
Redeem Enyu is Pro for a 2x EXP boost.
Redeem your Magicbus for a 2x EXP boost.
JCWK—Redeem for a 2x EXP increase.
Redeem for a 2x EXP boost with Starcodeheo.

Redeem for a Boost with Bluxxy
fudd10 v2—Redeem code for two Beli FUDD10—Redeem code for one Beli
THEGREATACE—Redeem code for 20 minutes of 2x Experience
SUB2GAMERROBOT RESET1—Redeem for a Stat Reset for free.
SUB2GAMERROBOT EXP1—Redeem for 30 minutes of double the fun.
Sub2OfficialNoobie—Redeem code for 20 minutes of double the fun
StrawHatMaine—Redeem for 20 minutes of twice the experience.
SUB2NOOBMASTER123—Enter code to get 15 minutes of 2x experience.
Sub2UncleKizaru—Enter code to receive a Stat Refund
Sub2Daigrock—Redeem coupon for 15 minutes of double the fun

Axiore—Redeem coupon for 20 minutes of double the fun
TantaiGaming—Redeem code for 15 minutes of double the fun

Roblox Blox Fruits codes [April 2022]: All free Blox Fruits codes and how to redeem | GGRecon

Codes for Blox Fruits (Expired)

3BVISITS – Redeem for 30 minutes of double EXP.
UPDATE 16 – Redeem for 20 minutes of double EXP.
Redeem 1MLIKES RESET for Stat 2BILLION should be reset. – Redeem for 20 minutes of double experience.
THIRDSEA – Stat Redeem UPD15 Reset – Redeem for 20 minutes of 2x EXP

UPD14 – Redeem XP code
ShutDownFix2 – Redeem code for two times the experience
1BILLION – Enter code to get two hours of 2x Experience.
XMASEXP – Enter code to get 2x Experience
XMASRESET – Stat Reset Redeem Code
UPDATE11 – Redeem ticket for 30 minutes of double experience.
POINTSRESET – Enter code to receive a point reset.

POINTSRESET – Enter code to receive a point reset.

Double experience bonuses in Roblox Blox Fruits will assist players fast advance in rank, particularly if they are at a lower level. To get the most out of the codes, we recommend waiting until you’re familiar with the game and its mechanics before utilizing them. Take some time to discover how Roblox Blox Fruits works so you don’t waste your timed Roblox experience boosts on the game’s mechanics instead of progressing up.

How to Redeem Blox Fruits Codes

To redeem codes in Blox Fruits, search for the blue Twitter button (on PC, look to the left side of your screen!) and then click it Following that, you will see the following pop-up:


Click on “Codes: @BloxFruits” and enter one of the codes from the list above. Once you’ve entered it correctly, click the Try button to receive your prize! If the codes are active and correctly entered, you will receive the benefits stated.

How do you obtain additional Blox Fruits codes?

Consider joining the Blox Fruits Discord server if you want instant updates on everything Roblox Blox Fruits. While giving codes, this community also provides support and regular updates among a like-minded group of fans. You may also follow the official BloxFruits account on Twitter. You can also bookmark this page for quick updates on Beli, EXP Boosts, Stat Resets, and any other Blox Fruits codes that become available in the future.

How do you obtain additional Blox Fruits codes?

What’s the deal with my Blox Fruits codes not working?
Blox Fruits, for the most part, remain active for many months. However, after a while, the developers disable the codes. This frequently happens after a large game update. In the absence of that, these codes are case-sensitive. Copy the working code exactly as it appears on our page. Anything different, such as a misplaced capital letter, will almost certainly cause the code to fail.

Please let us know if the code has expired in the comments so we can move it!

Roblox Blox Fruits codes: Free EXP and in-game Money (February 2022)

What exactly is Roblox Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits is one of Roblox’s most popular anime-themed activities. Blox Fruits, based on the popular anime series One Piece, allows players to improve their skills as a swordsman or as a fruit user. As you go, you’ll uncover new worlds, foes, and fierce bosses all throughout the seas.

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