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Free-to-play first-person shooter Destiny 2 is developed by Bungie. You will gather a variety of equipment for your voyage as you progress through this sci-fi adventure. One of the Exotic Helmets with useful perks and abilities is Eternal Warrior. And with a higher stat roll, you can obtain this helm. However, it can be difficult to locate this piece of Absolute, unwaveringly determined equipment. In order to obtain the Eternal Warrior in Destiny 2, please see the following guide.

Eternal Warrior in Destiny 2: How to Get It

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How to Get Eternal Warrior Exotic Titan Helmet - GenxNewz

This unusual helmet is available from the NPC named Xur. He is located on the planet Nessus. You can buy the Eternal Warrior helmet from him for some Legendary shards as you deal with him. However, Titan class is necessary to acquire this rare helmet. The better part of this deal is that this helm has a total of 69 enhanced stats. As an alternative, you can also obtain a drop from exotic engrams to obtain this helm. Alternately, you can just go to Xur’s inventory.

The whole Eternal Warrior stats are as follows:

Mobility +22, Resilence +12, Recovery +2, Discipline +10, Intelligence +21, Intelligence +2 and Strength +2
In terms of benefits, Resolute grants an overshield when the Fist of Havoc ability is used. You will get an additional overshield as soon as you cast the Fists of Havoc to mitigate the damage. Additionally, you can add more perks and raise the armour tier levels of this exotic helm. If you need additional clarification on perks and mods, see our article on how to obtain weapon patterns.

That concludes the discussion on how to obtain Eternal Warrior in Destiny 2. Check out our other guides if you enjoyed this one.


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