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During Week 1 of Metaverse Champions, Sparks Kilowatt left us some treasure in Grandma’s House Obby. Below is information on how to obtain Spark Kilowatt’s Secret Package (available April 14 to April 22).

Obby’s Guide to Getting the Sparks Kilowatt Secret Package at Grandma’s House
To obtain Spark’s Secret Package, simply complete the Obby in its entirety. This guide will show you where to go, but to complete the mission, you’ll need to use your parkour abilities! To play Grandma’s House Obby, go to this link: Grandma’s House Obby.

The Obby isn’t particularly difficult, but some of the stages can be aggravating. If you get stuck, use the guide below to figure out how to accomplish each level.

How to get through each level:

Jump over the needles in level one.
Jump on the false teeth at level two.
Level 3: Stay on the right side of the maze and it will lead you to the exit. Finally, press the green button concealed behind the boxes. In the next chamber, jump over the green thread.
Jump over the yarn at level four.
Level 5: Avoid the chainsaws and blades.
Level 6: Avoid falling into the lava by jumping on the objects.
Level 7: Avoid the cats by jumping on the canned cat food.
Level 8: Avoid the pan and the stove by jumping on the food.
Level 9: As soon as Grandma pulls the rolling pin back, dash across the board.

Level 10: Jump on the dishes and duckies to avoid falling in the water.
Level 11: Quickly jump across the floating cookies before they flip over.
Level 12: Jump across the cookie splatter and walk up the knife into the doorway.
Level 13: Jump over the colored blocks.
Level 14: Take the middle, right, then left paths in that order.
Level 15: Jump over the dripped paint.
Level 16: Jump across the balls of yarn.
Level 17: Stay on the thread while jumping over the needles. Then, jump across the heads of the needles and climb up the needle ladder. Then jump across the cookies and enter grandma’s mouth.

Level 18: Avoid the water by jumping across the food.
Level 19: Avoid the orange goop on the floor by jumping over it.
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Level 21: Keep hopping to avoid colliding with the obstacles if you go too fast.
Level 22: Run across town while dodging water, mud, and automobiles.
You’ll be given the badge for finishing the quest and Sparks Kilowatt’s Secret Package once you’ve reached the conclusion!

People also ask

Grandma’s House Obby! is a Packstabber Obbys obby game created by YTPACKSTABBER.

Can you still get sparks kilowatt?

Tower Heroes took part in the Metaverse Champions tournament, which included Sparks Kilowatt. You can obtain her by completing the Metaverse Madness map on the Easy difficulty setting.

Who created sparks kilowatt?

EvilArtist was in charge of the design.

How do I get sparks?

The procedure of obtaining Sparks in Modern Warfare is fairly simple. Simply purchase the bundle from the in-game store. It is one of the more expensive bundles available, costing 2400 COD Points.

What is the prize for Sparks kilowatt?

Sparks Kilowatt is the champion, and the prize is a pair of wings fashioned after him.

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