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Roblox Vans World has a plethora of cosmetics for your Avatar. Getting them, on the other hand, requires some effort, primarily with the usage of your skateboard and BMX. The same is true for obtaining the Vans Step Up Hat.

To obtain the Vans Step Up Hat, you must first launch Roblox and navigate to Vans World. Navigate to the overhead toolbar and click the Missions Overview tab. You must finish all missions on each of the four tiers. It’s worth noting that finishing the PVD Forever Skatepark unlocks the Vans Step Up Hat.


Roblox Script Vans world instant autofarm level script - RBScripts


Perform 25 kickflips.
Perform 25 Heelflips.
Locate the letters V.A.N.S.
Cross the Coinbox Divide
Perform 25 Pop-Its

Skatepark in the Park

Roblox / How to get the Vans Step Up Hat / Free Accessory - YouTube

Perform 45 Tabletops
Climb the Stairs
Gather 30 Coins
40 toboggan runs
50 Pop-It Find the V.A.N.S. Letters
Do 35 Melon Grabs in 10k Miles
Perform 25 barspins.
Have 90s Radio Time


Have 120 seconds of airtime
Perform 50 Barspins.
Red Beams should be ground.
Gather 40 Coins
Locate the V.A.N.S. letters.
Perform 50 Impossible Tasks
Perform 40 Indy Grabs
Perform 40 Melon Grabs
Do 55 Pop-It-It Travel 12k
Perform 40 Stalefish Grabs
Perform 50 tailgrabs

PVD Skatepark Forever

Have 150 minutes of airtime
50 rails must be ground
Perform 30 barspins.
Jump from the Big Jump.
Perform 25 BMX backflips
Gather 35 Coins
Perform 50 Heelflips
Locate the V.A.N.S. letters.
Perform 40 Impossible Tasks
Perform 50 No Foot Can Cans
15-kilometer journey

Perform 50 tailwhips.
Perform 50 Toboggans
45 Tuck with No Hands
Perform 50 different kickflips.

Return to the Avatar Editor, pick Accessories, and you will be able to equip the Vans Step Up Hat if you have finished all of the activities in Vans World.



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